Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Weight Loss Basics for Senior Men

For men over 50, knowing specifics about weight loss leads to goal success.

by: Mike Wangi

weight loss over 50

Men over 50 can easily get an incredible physique through weight loss

Men above fifty can be as fit as they were in the thirties. Studies have shown that you can be in better physical and mental shape into your fifties than you were in your thirties. This though requires a commitment to healthy living.

Weight loss has been shown to reduce your cardiovascular risk while keeping your blood pressure within the normal ranges and warding off diabetes and stroke while improving your bone density and your body strength. The American Heart Association recommends that all men should stay within the normal ranges of weight for age. If you are out of the recommended range,s you need to find effective weigh- loss program.

At the age of 50, some men might have conditions such as diabetes and hypertension among others. For these men a physician should be consulted before embarking on a weight loss program as the wrong program might increase your health risk.

For those who do not have any medical condition, there are pointers to a good weight-loss program. An effective and healthy weight-loss program has to combine both exercise and nutrition. One compliments the other.

The most important consideration is the amount of weight loss intended and the duration within which these target goals will be achieved. This is what determines the intensity of the physical exertion attempted. The American Heart Association recommends that weight-loss targets should be set at 1 to 2 lbs every week. Attempting to lose weight too fast can be more detrimental than helpful and sometimes you might get rebound weight gain. Any program that promises excessive weight loss should be avoided.

A weight loss program should aim for long-term goals over short-term goals. It’s extremely vital to have one that will keep your weight in check for a longer period of time, taking into account all the variables. It is recommended that you increase your energy expenditure the more you exercise because your basal metabolic rate goes down and you expend less energy as you become fitter.

Weight loss programs have to include long-term sustainable goals as most people who lose weight over the shorter end up gaining it within 5 years. Short-term goals, though, are also important as they help keep someone motivated to continue with the program. There is not a widely accepted tool for defining the optimum body weight for a certain person, but tools such as BMI (Body Mass Index) can help you setup realistic weigh- loss targets.

There is no reason a man in his fifties cannot have the same target fitness levels as the one in his thirties. The problems come when target goals are set at a point that is either unreachable or takes so much effort to reach it that it’s not worth the trouble. You have to be clear where you are starting, where you want to ge,t and how you want to get there and there are many professionals who can help you to come up with a plausible plan.

Weight loss for a man over 50 years can be an avenue to ensuring much more healthy living and less disease burden. Staying within the limits of the normal weight for an individual is a very important part of fitness.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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