Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Weight Loss Challenges for Masters Athletes

by: Sharon L

Lose Weight as a Masters Athlete

Follow this simple formula to lose 1 pound of bodyfat per week!

Twenty years ago, losing weight just happened.  Either you were actively working out or your life conditions momentarily changed, suddenly you looked at the mirror and your body looked differently.  Slimmer.  And fit.

Today, for health or aesthetic reasons, you try to achieve the same.  It hasn´t been working the same magical way for a few years now.  So you try to eat less.  You go jogging.  But this time it doesn´t seem to give you the same results.

Why can a younger person lose weight more easily?  It´s not that older bodies cannot look like younger ones anymore.  It´s just a matter of metabolism.

When it comes to metabolism, fat gets burned faster and easier than muscle mass, so your body burns fewer calories to accomplish it.  As you age, the proportion between your muscles and fat change and you start to accumulate more fat in your body, so you don´t have proportionally as much muscle mass  as you used to.  That is to say, you now burn less calories than before just because of the way your body is now composed.

So is that it?  No way.  The challenge is to change the way in which fat and muscle mass interplay.  Thus, you have to change their proportions, so that fat doesn’t account for as much as it does now when compared to lean muscle.

And how to do that?  By engaging in a workout that focuses on increasing your muscles, reducing your fat storage and creating all-round exercise routine.  Here are tips you should consider:

1. Set Realistic Goals.  Don´t get discouraged if you don´t see quick results.  Building muscle mass takes time, and everyone´s body responds differently to training.  Even if you get fast results, they will probably be followed by a period in which your body is just readjusting to the changes, and the pace at which you get them slows down.

2. Start a weightlifting regime.  Select your preferred lifting methods.   You can choose to focus on excercising specific muscles, and working with machine lifts would be ideal for that.  Other type of exercises are ones in which you work with a group of muscles at a time, with free weights like barbells. Before weightlifting, anyway, you should look for the advice of your doctor, especially if you have had heart problems before.

3. Jog, swim or bike.   Include these activities in your routine once or twice a week, as well-balanced programs should include aerobic exercise. It burns calories, stengthens your cardio vascular system, and releases endorphins that make you feel great.

4. Take care of your diet.  Eat enough carbohidrates and proteins.  Switch from processed foods to whole foods and avoid unhealthy fats.  And even if you are eating healthy, don´t overeat.

Once you have committed to a regime, your body will start to change.  You will start to gain muscles while you burn fat and thus your metabolism will boost.  Losing those extra pounds won´t seem impossible anymore.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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