Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

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Follow These 3 Keys for Healthy Joints in Masters Athletes

Don’t let your age dictate your joint health.

by: Brian Paul

One of the main areas to receive pain and discomfort as the years go by is your joints. These joints go through a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis, and without following

masters athlete stretching

Daily stretching is part of a healthy joint regime for masters athletes

some steps you may experience serious pain or injury. Sara Key is a physiotherapist who will agree that when it comes to your joint health as a senior, you need to take proper care and preventive measures in the following 3 ways:

1)      Stretching does a Masters Body Good

Doctors at McGovern Physical Therapy Associates and Game 7 Sports Training have concluded that, for senior athletes, stretching is a must do method in order to keep your joints healthy. You can stretch in various different ways such as the normal method of straight leg hangs etc. or you could choose to do Tai Chi or Yoga as well. Tai Chi and Yoga are also great ways to have fun while keeping up with stretching your muscles and joints. After stretching your joints it is also recommended by many physical therapists to take a nice, brisk jog for 10-15 minutes if possible, and then stretch afterwards as well. This method forces your joints to get some momentum going and loosening them out, and is especially good for those that sit and lay most of the day due exhaustion.

2)      Consume Enough Vitamins Daily

Vitamins and minerals are able to both relieve joint pains and prevent them as well. These nutrients are needed by your body to perform many functions, and without them you Continue reading

Men Over 50 Can Improve Their Physique with Muscle Balance and Flexibility!

Senior athletes enjoy favorite sports more when fit

Men over 50 tend to think of their skeletal systems as what keeps us upright and erect, after all they’re the most rigid part of our bodies. But it’s our muscles, not our skeletal system that makes this happen. In fact, our skeletal system is simply the framework that our muscles attach to in order to work.

Masters Can Improve Their Favorite Activities by Improved Balance and Flexibility

To be sure, senior bone health is critically important, and an added benefit to resistance training is increased bone density, but our skeletons, and thus our bodies, are nothing without a very strong, flexible muscle base.

Yoga instructors often talk about not “settling into your joints” meaning that our muscles should carry our weight, not our joints. This is really a key concept in understanding the importance of a strong muscle base for those seeking to become masters athletes. For most of us, our joints have several decades of use on them, and if our muscle base is allowed to decline then the joints must bear more weight, stress, and wear.

Conversely, when our muscles are strong they act to “lift” our body weight off of the joints and we in fact become more fluid, graceful, and physically capable of doing whatever we want to do for many, many years – and we also then put less wear and tear on our joints.

Try it, stand up right now with your normal posture. Now act as if you have a string attached to the top of your head and someone is pulling up on it, lifting the weight off of your feet. Do you feel it? It’s awesome, you can literally feel the weight coming off of your joints and your posture aligning more straightly, it feels like the force of gravity is reduced.

Now imagine if all your muscles were twice as strong as they are now what it would feel like. Imagine how much less wear and tear you’d have on your spine and on all of your weight-bearing joints. It should make you feel like you want to get in the gym and start working.

It’s important to think of our bodies as Continue reading

Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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