Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

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Holiday Weight Loss Basics for Men Over 50

With the holiday season upon us, men over 50 need to focus on these 6 steps for weight control.

Holiday Diet Control

Men over 50 can control their holiday diets

Okay, so you know it will happen.

You’ll go to a big holiday gathering with tons of food.

Good food.

The temptations will mount.

Walking into the holiday seasons unprepared can lay waste to your waist management plans.  In fact, many men over 50 will establish over eating and weight gain habits that can send their health spiraling out of control for the new year.

However, it doesn’t have to happen that way.  Just follow these 6 easy steps to keep your eating and your weight under control  this holiday season:

1)      Plan your meal consumption

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  When you know a big holiday meal is on the schedule, think in advance about how you’ll eat that day.  What food will likely be served?  What are your healthiest options?  What will your plate look like when served?

Creating mental lists and images will help reduce mindless binging and provide structure to your meals.

2)      Watch the hors d’ oeuvres

Mindlessly grazing on appetizers for hours before a holiday meal will wreck your diet plans.  Many people like to fool themselves by  Continue reading

5 Ways to Offset Muscle Loss in Men Over 50

Senior men don’t have to settle for losing their muscle mass

Senior Men gain muscle mass

Senior men can gain significant muscle mass after age 50

Did you know that, beginning somewhere in their 30’s, men lose approximately 1% of their muscle mass every year?

The quick math can be staggering:  up to 20% muscle loss by age 50 and up to 1/3 muscle loss by age 60.

Not only does this make men over 50 look older, it’s also an invitation to injury.  Muscle and tendon strength play a critical role in joint health because joints are only as stable as the structure that holds them into place.  Weak muscles can lead to such ailments as tearing of joint ligaments, tearing of joint muscles, and joint cartilage wear leading to big problems like spinal disc compression and osteoarthritis.

Nothing keeps you from doing the things you love in life more than injury.  If you want to enjoy an active lifestyle well into your senior years, even for the rest of your life, it’s time to get serious about restoring lost muscle mass.  The great news is, in fact, that with the proper workout routine and nutritional balance, men over 50 can get into the very best shape of their entire lives.

If you’ve only worked out a little in your life or even if you’ve never worked out before, know these 5 easy ways to start building back your muscle mass:

1) Get your diet right.

Yea, thought gaining muscle mass was only about pumping iron?  Well, it mostly is about lifting weights, but you need quality protein for muscle building blocks, low-glycemic carbohydrates for energy to do the work, and healthy fats for your body to function properly.

You are what you eat, so eat right.

2) Left weights.

Little debate that the very best and fastest way to build lean muscle mass is with Continue reading

5 Weight Loss Strategies for Senior Men

If you’re a man over 50, know these five ways to change your appearance

5 steps for weight loss in senior men

Senior athletes get weight loss results from keeping it simple

Okay, so you’ve tried a lot of different diet approaches to achieve that weight loss you’ve been wanting.

And so far nothing’s worked.

While changing your appearance through shedding body fat can be challenging enough, it’s also important to know that senior men over 50 have special requirements for effective weight loss.

If you can focus on just these five keys for senior athlete weight loss, your chances for successfully hitting your appearance goals go way up.  In fact, you can look the absolute best in your lifetime – it’s entirely possible!

1)      Have a goal that burns inside of you

Having great passion for a weight-loss goal is your most important asset, period.  Goals are where motivation comes from, and without motivation, goals usually don’t happen.  First, just like in business, personal goals need to follow the SMART rules, that is, goals must be: Continue reading

10 Keys to Healthy Eating For Men Over 50

Men over 50 need a balanced approach to their diet for weight loss and better health

By: Amber Alexander

Having a lean healthy body does not mean you have to give up everything you love when it comes to your dining experience. You don’t have to isolate yourself and deprive yourself to accomplish your goals.

Men Over 50 Healthy Eating Habits

Men over 50 should know these 10 healthy eating habits

It may seem rather simple when all it takes is balance. You can achieve this state of balance when you understand and practice appropriate behavior.

It is not the bowl of ice cream or the slice of pizza that contributes to weight issues, the trouble is when you use these comfort foods inappropriately for coping mechanisms, eating mindlessly and frequently.

Here are some healthy beliefs and affirmations about food that will help to establish balance, happiness, and long-term success: Continue reading

Supplement City Part 6 – Green Tea Extract, Protein, Cranberry and Lemon

Author and over-50 fitness freak John Shumate shares his supplementation scheme by listing all of his daily supplements, then providing a detailed description of each one in his multi-part series for masters men Supplement City.

John Shumate Over 50 Fitness Geek

Protein supplementation is a great way for men over 50 to get quality protein their body needs but with minimal calories

Part 6:  Green Tea Extract,  Protein, Cranberry and Lemon

Green Tea Extract – Green tea provides many powerful properties, is one of the very best combatants against free radicals, and can be taken in a supplement form for those (like me) who want the benefits but don’t necessarily have the time or want to sip on hot tea during the day.

Free radicals, without going into tons of detail, are bad to have in your body. Green tea is proven to bond with free radicals, taking them out of circulation in your body.

Additionally, green tea has thermogenic effects that speed up your metabolism, boosting energy levels, speeding digestion, and providing a feeling of fullness so you’ll want to eat less.

Protein – As most know, protein is the building block for muscle tissue.  If you’re working out and trying to gain or maintain muscle mass, a good rule of thumb is one gram for each pound of lean mass. So yes, you have to calculate your body fat percentage and subtract that out.

So, for example, if you weigh 200 pounds and have 25% body fat, your lean mass is 200*.75=150, so therefore you need 150 grams of protein per day.

The challenge comes when you’re trying to not gain or to lose body fat at the same time, meaning you’re on a daily calorie budget.

Here’s where protein supplementation makes sense.

A single scoop of whey or casein protein powder provides approximately Continue reading

Nutrition Essentials for Men over 50

Nutrition for Masters Fitness

by: Mike Wangi

Seniors Nutrition

Most masters athletes don’t realize that nutrition is more important to health than exercise

When we reach the age of 50, falling into the “Masters Fitness” category, and we see such things as retirement beckoning, we tend to be resigned to the fact that our lives are on the decline. This decline is accepted by many as part of life after 50 years of age. This is a dangerous status quo, but if you start looking after your life at 50, you could be healthier and fitter than you ever were in your younger years. A healthy diet is one of the most important ways to turn the clock of aging. At the age of 50, dietary practices will not only boost your fitness but also reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The nutritional requirements of a man at 50 depend on a variety of factors. Paramount among these is his weight, physical activity and his health. The American Heart Association quotes that a man at this age requires up to 2,400 calories per day, which increases up to 2.800 calories depending on the activity level.  You should check this for yourself with a calorie calculator as it also differs by body mass.  These requirements should be met on a diet that is health conscious.

Dietary fiber is important especially for men above the age of 50. It has been shown to have a positive impact on the occurrence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and GIT diseases. The amount of fiber in your diet should be adequate and it can be obtained from whole grains, cereal and vegetables.

Micronutrients are just as important in prevention of these diseases and staying fit. Micronutrients such as Zinc and Selenium among others, and fiber have antioxidant properties that help reverse the effects of aging both on the skin and on the internal organs.

Foods that contain high amounst of sodium should be avoided as these can lead to hypertension and kidney disease. A lot has been written about red meat and its effects on Continue reading

Senior Athletes Lose Weight Through Clean Eating

Seniors lose weight and get fit through a healthy diet

Seniors lose weight and get fit through a healthy diet

Is it possible that more food be the secret to losing weight? This runs absolutely counter to what we’ve been taught to believe!  But practicing what’s known as “clean eating”,  we can focus on quality over quantity. It’s a philosophy that has been applied by athletes and those in the physical fitness industry for years, but now the concept of clean eating is going mainstream, especially with seniors looking to lose weight, to show muscle tone, and to get fit.

Less time on the treadmill does have its allure, however, particularly if you have limited time or just don’t like to work out a lot.But far too many people have this formula mixed up and spend ample time in the gym but neglect their diet, therefore ending up disappointed with their results when they look in the mirror.

Clean eating starts with shopping the “perimeter” of your supermarket, pretty much the premise of the clean eating diet, which means no Continue reading

Supplement City Part 3: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Calcium

Author and over-50 fitness freak John Shumate shares his supplementation scheme by listing all of his daily supplements, then providing a detailed description of each one in his multi-part series Supplement City.

Fitness Author John Shumate on Seniors Supplements

Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Calcium can’t always be obtained in required amounts from our regular diets

Part 3: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Calcium

So it seems reasonable for anyone to ask up front “ummm, I’m taking my multivitamin daily, why do I need anything else? “

Good question.

Most multivitamins provide 100% or more of the RDA (recommended daily allowance), so why would anyone add on top of that?

Well, welcome to the world of nutritional debate.  Keep in mind that this series is what I do and is only intended a food for thought and a benchmark for what’s right for you. And that, my friend, you will need to decide for yourself based on your own research, because, in my honest opinion, the “evidence” is wide reaching with few right answers.

As you will see, I tend to bias toward the upper dosage limits because of my age, my limited calories, and the demands I place on my body.  And I can tell you that, since consuming vitamin supplements at this upper range, I have never felt better or been healthier in my life.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen, elastin and other structural components of skin as well as bone matrix and other body tissue. Hormones and other components of the nervous system require vitamin C for normal function. Iron absorption, transportation through the bloodstream and storage is facilitated by vitamin C. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which means it protects body cells from a naturally destructive chemical process known as oxidation.

A note about vitamin C and cold prevention –  multiple, well-respected studies have confirmed that vitamin C has never been proven to reduce the number of colds experienced by anyone other than people who are exposed to extreme exercise or cold temperatures.

And there’s the hitch; people who put their bodies through more stress seem to benefit more from Continue reading

Supplement City Part 2: Multivitamins

Author and over-50 fitness freak John Shumate shares his supplementation scheme by listing all of his daily supplements, then providing a detailed description of each one in his multi-part series Supplement City.

Part 2 – Multivitamins

Are you taking a daily multivitamin? You don’t get a pass on this one, supplementing daily with a good multivitamin is an absolute requirement for masters men over 50. Many items on my personal supplementation list are optional for many, but not the multi-vite, the holy grail of nutritional supplementation.

In fact, the only real debate of merit on multivitamins is what blend of nutrients and how much of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of each one should be taken.

Okay, so let’s say up to this point you’ve totally missed the boat on multivitamins, why are multivitamins critical to the daily nutritional needs of men over 50?  Without turning this into a science course the basics are as follows:

1.       We don’t get the essential nutrients in our daily diets. By and large, the typical US diet is pretty crappy.  The main culprit is processed foods that have been mangled beyond recognition to our bodies.

However, even “clean eating”of whole foods like meats, fruits and vegetables can leave us short due to mass-production techniques requiring low-cost and distribution requirements of durability and long shelf life.

Unless you’re growing or raising your own food (yea, right) or buying from trusted local producers, your foods are likely lacking in their full nutritional potential.

2.       If you’re watching your calories to maintain weight or to lose weight (you should be) then you’re on a limited calorie budget for the three main macronutrient categories of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Therefore, due to these calorie constraints, you have limited opportunity to ingest the nutrients your body needs.  Multivitamins give us these nutrients without adding calories.

3.       Working out vigorously adds nutritional requirements as your body is in a constant state of Continue reading

Successful Weight Loss in Seniors Athletes

For men over 50, weight loss is about sticking to the nutrition basics

by: Daniel Bottering

senior men lose weight through proper diet

Eating less crap and more food is one way for senior men to lose weight


If you have ever engaged in any weight-loss program either on your own or via some sort of help form a fitness instructor or a weight loss program, you may have felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. The improvements are very satisfying. So why don’t you get your wow back, shed some pounds and get your confidence back.

It is indeed true that the weight-loss industry is flooded at the moment with supplements that fail to work, exercise programs and video  that are only there to make money, seemingly low-fat diets which don’t do what they claimas well as weight-loss programs that are just money-making scams.

In the midst of all this, if you are focussed and concentrated on the basics, you should be able to get your body mass down by a greater percentage by focussing on the things that we disregard and never take advantage of.

It is true most people fail at dieting to lose weight; calorie counting, exercising and even having a positive mindse . However, these are the same ideals that have worked for most people in the past. For those that struggle, it is important to note that weight gained over a number of years will not automatically get shed after a a short time, so it is important the mind-set is right from the onset.

An extremely positive attitude will obviously result in extremely quicker results. Keeping a positive mind set and having a “can do” mentality will always ensure that you’re on the winning side. Being distracted is quite easy. Looking at people leaner than you, getting involved in negative conversations and not believing in yourself and your capabilities can go a long way to affect your mentality. Already you must remember you are over 50 so the likelihood to be discouraged by your peers, family and friends will be greater.

Once you have your mind set in place you diet has to be managed with discipline. After all, we are Continue reading

Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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