Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

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Fitness Over 50 Starts With Core Strength

Forget big biceps, even forget trying to get a ‘six-pack”, if you’re over 50 and are seeking true strength, it all starts with your core.

Core Muscles in Men Over 50

Men over 50 must have a strong core

Too many men over 50 view fitness in the wrong light.  Sure, a muscled and toned body looks great on the beach, and for sure that’s something motivating to set goals on.  However, for achieving fitness from a functional strength standpoint, nothing exceeds core strength in importance.

What is the core?  May mistakenly think of the core as just the front abdominals.  In fact, the core is quite expansive, including many muscles and muscle groups.  Basically, think of your core as all muscles from roughly the bottom of your rib cage down to about halfway down your hips, surrounding the full 360 degrees of your mid-section.

Core strength is important for several reasons.

First, your core provides the base of all physical movement.  I love the tree analogy; what’s the strongest part of a tree, the limbs or the trunk?  What would happen to the tree if its limbs were thick, heavy and strong, but its trunk was spindly and weak?

Think of people with back problems and you get the right idea.  But, more importantly, all functional movement is initiated by and supported by the core.  The stronger your core, the stronger your functional movements.

Second, a strong core protects your spine, including the Continue reading

Core Fitness for Men over 50

If you’re over 50 years old, you absolutely must have a strong core, here’s why.

Most people have heard about the importance of “core strength”.  But notions of a fitness routine bring thoughts of upper body  strength, including adding muscle to the chest, upper back, biceps and triceps.  While targeting upper body strength and size seems like traditional gym work and agreeably has the highest sex appeal, but for men over 50, your core is absolutely the most important body part to develop.

What is the core?

Core muscles make up the 360-degree  area wrapping around your entire torso and hip regions.  In the front, the core muscles begin just below your  chest and run down to your pelvis.  In the

Core Strength in Men over 50

Men over 50 must have core strength

back, the core muscles begin about mid-back and run down to your upper legs.

Many people incorrectly think of the core as just “abs” associated with the famed “six pack” look.  While the main abdominals to compose an important part of the core group, thoughts of core strength must be expanded to include the entire torso region.

Additionally, many don’t realize that hips are indeed part of the core, and that abdominal and back muscles reach down to the hips, while hip muscles (including the gluteals, or “butt” muscles) reach up into the torso, with the two groups Continue reading

Reawakening After Age 50

For many, turning 50 demarks a new period of diminishing life expectations.  For others, turning 50 demarks their new beginning.

Reawaken after age 50

You can be in the best shape of your life after age 50

If you’re over 50 or at least approaching that life stage, you may have experienced it.  Popular culture has long referred to this life phase as being “over the hill”.

You become less physically capable.

Your aggressive sense of adventure diminishes.

Life becomes a downward spiral of inactivity and apathy toward physicality.

But the real travesty is that “over the hill” is a mindset.  Yes, some aspects of our physical nature change with age.  However, the problem with aging isn’t physical degradation, it’s instead a problem of declining expectations brought on by a throwaway society that treats aging as an enigma.

Given a preference, who really wants to grow old.  The aging enigma comes from a disconnect between our perceptions created by our youth culture and the reality of Continue reading

Fitness Over 50 Expert Jim Bell Podcast

For men over 50 seeking to gain muscle and to lose weight, our interview with Jim Bell provides important information you can use right now. 

Over 50 Fitness Expert Jim Bell

Over 50 Fitness Expert Jim Bell

Jim Bell is founder and CEO of The Fitness Institute of Technology, providing the most extensive knowledge, training, and skill to students in both fitness training and in medical fitness specialization.  Jim is a fitness expert, holding two PhD.s, one in Sports and Fitness Training and the other in Medical Fitness Specialization.  Jim also holds an M.S. in Exercise Physiology.

Jim sat down with us today at to talk about fitness in men over 50, kick back and listen to the recording here:

Over 50 Fitness Expert Jim Bell Interview


Should Men Over 50 Lift Heavy?

Building muscle mass in men over 50 requires heavy lifting

Men Over 50 Lift Heavy

Men Over 50 Gain Muscle Mass by Lifting Heavy Weights

For men over 50, “lifting heavy” to build muscle mass arises as a regularly asked question.  To be sure, heavy lifting is a topic of discussion and debate regardless of age and/or gender.  However, for men over 50, heavy lifting indeed requires special consideration.

Heavy lifting for men over 50 creates a risk/return dilemma, with the correct answer being more personal and unique to the individual than completely scientific with a single answer for everyone.

While consensus clearly supports heavy lifting at regular intervals to support muscle gains, anyone over 50 needs to understand the increased injury risk this introduces.

Heavy lifting for muscle gain in men over 50

As with any resistance training program, workout changes should be introduced regularly.  This helps muscle development from plateauing.   For example, this could include one or two weeks of lighter weights working in the 12-15 rep range for three sets per Continue reading

5 Ways Building Muscle Differs in Men Over 50

Should men over 50 wanting to build muscle take the same approach as younger guys?

Senior men work out hard

Although senior men can work out hard, some important differences exist

If you’re a man over 50 wanting to build muscle mass, some might tell you it’s the same approach for everyone, and that what goes for a 30-year-old man also goes for a man over 50.

While many common fundamentals to muscle gain between age groups exist, many important differences also exist.

Hare are 5 important ways that building muscle for men over 50 is different than for younger guys:

1)      You don’t need as many calories

As men age, their metabolism slows and their bodies require fewer calories to maintain body weight and body composition.  Many men become overweight simply  because they continue eating the same amounts as when they were younger.

Most accepted doctrines states that, to gain muscle mass In conjunction with lifting weights, men must eat more calories to support muscle synthesis and a higher level of muscle mass.

Be careful with this.

For men over 50 gaining muscle mass, making every calorie count for maximum nutritional benefit is most important, and if you have a dual goal of body fat loss, eating fewer calories rather than more calories could be most important.

2)      You need more joint protection

As men age, joints can become less flexible from weakened muscles, less tendon elasticity, and loss of important lubrication within the joint.

While building muscle mass will contribute to overall joint health, men over 50 should be careful during the muscle building process to Continue reading

Men Over 50 Need Fitness Goals

In this three-part series, looks at the key fundamentals for men over 50 getting started on life-changing health and fitness habits.

Part 1 – Men over 50 Need Fitness Goals

If you’re a man over 50 wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, and generally get toned and fit, you need a starting point.  As with most journeys, the first step can often be the hardest part.

Get in shape after 50

Get started now, it’s never too late.

If you’ve been out of shape for a while or if you’ve never really ever been in shape, the task my seem overwhelming.  So the best approach in situations like this is breaking the task down into smaller components that become achievable tasks with tangency to the question “what do I need to actually do every day”.

Establish a Goal

The old management phrase “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” applies here to fitness goals for senior men.  It’s simply not enough to say “I want to lose weight and get into shape”.

What does that really mean?

First, senior men need to identify what’s important to them from a fitness standpoint.  Goals must be personal because motivation comes from a desire to achieve passionate goals.

Do you want to become stronger for a sport or for a hobby?  Do you want to like what you see in the Continue reading

Bodybuilder Mark Lee Finds Best Fitness After 50

Dad Over 50 Competes in Bodybuilding with Son

In the 80’s I owned a hardcore gym and I never competed…. then it was more about strength. I never paid much attention to my nutrition…hell ..It was all about getting big and strong….the

Mark Lee Senior Bodybuilder

Mark Lee achieved the best shape of his life after age 50

more calories I ate the better!!! (I have to admit, eating anything and everything was AWESOME!!! Lol)

After about 6 years I closed the gym and moved on in a new direction. A couple of businesses and three kids later my priorities changes….I really didn’t have time to work-out (I hadn’t lost the love for working-out… I just couldn’t be consistent or find the time) Now my pizza restaurant is very established and pretty much operates its self.

My oldest son Austin was a three letter athlete in high school and he became interested in working-out. I now had the time and knew quite a bit about weight training so I started to help him….I was 49 at the time!!!

OMG I didn’t realize how much I missed the pump and the feeling you got training and how much better I felt. I became a total sponge about nutritional information and made it my goal to be in the best shape of my life on my 50th birthday!!!! Mission accomplished!!!

After reaching my 50th birthday goal my love for weight training became stronger.  My son continued to push himself to the point that he was contest ready and he suggested that we both enter the NPC 2012 Mr. Natural Indiana.  How cool is that, being in a bodybuilding contest with your son?

So we both entered the contest and I competed in the men’s open welterweight class in the NPC Natural Indiana and finished Continue reading

5 Ways to Offset Muscle Loss in Men Over 50

Senior men don’t have to settle for losing their muscle mass

Senior Men gain muscle mass

Senior men can gain significant muscle mass after age 50

Did you know that, beginning somewhere in their 30’s, men lose approximately 1% of their muscle mass every year?

The quick math can be staggering:  up to 20% muscle loss by age 50 and up to 1/3 muscle loss by age 60.

Not only does this make men over 50 look older, it’s also an invitation to injury.  Muscle and tendon strength play a critical role in joint health because joints are only as stable as the structure that holds them into place.  Weak muscles can lead to such ailments as tearing of joint ligaments, tearing of joint muscles, and joint cartilage wear leading to big problems like spinal disc compression and osteoarthritis.

Nothing keeps you from doing the things you love in life more than injury.  If you want to enjoy an active lifestyle well into your senior years, even for the rest of your life, it’s time to get serious about restoring lost muscle mass.  The great news is, in fact, that with the proper workout routine and nutritional balance, men over 50 can get into the very best shape of their entire lives.

If you’ve only worked out a little in your life or even if you’ve never worked out before, know these 5 easy ways to start building back your muscle mass:

1) Get your diet right.

Yea, thought gaining muscle mass was only about pumping iron?  Well, it mostly is about lifting weights, but you need quality protein for muscle building blocks, low-glycemic carbohydrates for energy to do the work, and healthy fats for your body to function properly.

You are what you eat, so eat right.

2) Left weights.

Little debate that the very best and fastest way to build lean muscle mass is with Continue reading

5 Weight Loss Strategies for Senior Men

If you’re a man over 50, know these five ways to change your appearance

5 steps for weight loss in senior men

Senior athletes get weight loss results from keeping it simple

Okay, so you’ve tried a lot of different diet approaches to achieve that weight loss you’ve been wanting.

And so far nothing’s worked.

While changing your appearance through shedding body fat can be challenging enough, it’s also important to know that senior men over 50 have special requirements for effective weight loss.

If you can focus on just these five keys for senior athlete weight loss, your chances for successfully hitting your appearance goals go way up.  In fact, you can look the absolute best in your lifetime – it’s entirely possible!

1)      Have a goal that burns inside of you

Having great passion for a weight-loss goal is your most important asset, period.  Goals are where motivation comes from, and without motivation, goals usually don’t happen.  First, just like in business, personal goals need to follow the SMART rules, that is, goals must be: Continue reading

Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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