Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

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Are You a Mentally Tough Masters?

Okay, so really, how many of you challenge yourselves in the gym? I see this all of the time where people let fatigue get in their way, where they let their bodies control their minds.

What the heck is fatigue anyway? A rocketing locomotive that’s going to vaporize us on contact? No, fatigue is nothing more than a mental perception based on sensory input into the brain.

How we interpret this input and then act on it is what sets people apart, this is the essense of mental toughness.

Simplified, the muscles say to the brain, “okay, I’m tapped, that’s it, nothing left, better stop”. That’s the sensory input.

The brain then creates its perception of what’s really happening, kind of like “okay, muscles talkin’ to me, out of gas, not likin’ it”.

Then last, and most important, we decide how to act on the perception. Yep, here’s where the toughness part comes in. “Oooh, my poor muscles, they’re not happy, this isn’t fun, I really don’t need more reps, call it good here”.

Or, we can choose to interpret our perception differently and to act differently, like “yea, burn baby, I rule the world, nothin’ stops me, dig more you muscles, dig more!”

So really, what’s the difference? Same weight load, same body, same reps, same sensory input to the brain. The difference is how we deal with the information fed to us, and how we deal with the information is usually a function of motivation.

Motivation is generally a function of a) believing that our goals are highly meaningful, and b) believing that we have the power to affect a positive outcome of our goals. So think about it, basically this is about the pull of your motivation overcoming the drag of your fatigue sensory input.

So be mentally tough, focus on the goals, not on the barriers!

Masters Motivation: Mind over Matter

For masters athletes, motivation dwells in the mind.

When discussing maximum and peak physicality, so much of what we’re getting at is mental. Think about it,everything the body does is an execution of a mental command. You have got to remember the old axiom “make the mind control the body, don’t let the body control the mind”. This is so true with health and fitness.We all get hungry, we all get fatigued, we all sometimes just don’t want to get our butts up and out the door to go workout.

The mind has to be strong, and that comes primarily from having a strong sense of motivation.

Motivation comes from desiring a specific outcome or future state, and feeling convinced that we have the absolute power to affect that outcome. This is precisely why so many people love health and fitness, because the individual is in total control and there’s very little other people can do to screw it up for you. We can’t say that about too many things in life, it makes our fitness goals a great outlet for feeling and being in control of at least one important life dimension. Here’s another important thought…

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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