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Ten Habits for Masters Fitness

Established masters athlete and author Bill Pritchett shares his philosophies on healthy living for men over 50 with these important 10 habits.

By: Bill Pritchett

There’s an old Hindu proverb that says, “For the first thirty years of your life, you make your habits  For the last thirty years of your life, your habits make you.”  While I don’t like the

Over 50 Athlete Bill Pritchett in shape for sports

Over 50 athlete Bill Pritchett practices what he preaches

implication that our lifespan is limited to sixty years, I completely agree with the idea behind this saying.  We truly are the product of our habits, whether they’re healthy ones or not, and for masters athletes, the second half our life can be dictated by the habits we formed earlier.  When I read this proverb, it made me think of some of the healthy habits I have tried to develop over roughly the past twenty-five years, as I’ve sought to live a healthy lifestyle:

Habit #1: Drink a lot of water.  Then drink some more.  About 57% of your body is water, so you obviously need a lot of it to be healthy.  Be sure to drink a glass every morning immediately after you wake up.  You wouldn’t go 7 or 8 hours during the day without drinking water, would you?  When you wake up, you’ve gone that long without it, so be sure to drink water before you have coffee, tea, or juice.  During the day, keep a glass on your desk or wherever you work so that you can stay hydrated throughout the day.  To know how much to drink after exercising, weigh yourself unclothed before and after Continue reading

Core Fitness for Men over 50

If you’re over 50 years old, you absolutely must have a strong core, here’s why.

Most people have heard about the importance of “core strength”.  But notions of a fitness routine bring thoughts of upper body  strength, including adding muscle to the chest, upper back, biceps and triceps.  While targeting upper body strength and size seems like traditional gym work and agreeably has the highest sex appeal, but for men over 50, your core is absolutely the most important body part to develop.

What is the core?

Core muscles make up the 360-degree  area wrapping around your entire torso and hip regions.  In the front, the core muscles begin just below your  chest and run down to your pelvis.  In the

Core Strength in Men over 50

Men over 50 must have core strength

back, the core muscles begin about mid-back and run down to your upper legs.

Many people incorrectly think of the core as just “abs” associated with the famed “six pack” look.  While the main abdominals to compose an important part of the core group, thoughts of core strength must be expanded to include the entire torso region.

Additionally, many don’t realize that hips are indeed part of the core, and that abdominal and back muscles reach down to the hips, while hip muscles (including the gluteals, or “butt” muscles) reach up into the torso, with the two groups Continue reading

Reawakening After Age 50

For many, turning 50 demarks a new period of diminishing life expectations.  For others, turning 50 demarks their new beginning.

Reawaken after age 50

You can be in the best shape of your life after age 50

If you’re over 50 or at least approaching that life stage, you may have experienced it.  Popular culture has long referred to this life phase as being “over the hill”.

You become less physically capable.

Your aggressive sense of adventure diminishes.

Life becomes a downward spiral of inactivity and apathy toward physicality.

But the real travesty is that “over the hill” is a mindset.  Yes, some aspects of our physical nature change with age.  However, the problem with aging isn’t physical degradation, it’s instead a problem of declining expectations brought on by a throwaway society that treats aging as an enigma.

Given a preference, who really wants to grow old.  The aging enigma comes from a disconnect between our perceptions created by our youth culture and the reality of Continue reading

Over 50 Prostate Cancer Survivor Rides On

Now over 50, multi-sport athlete Sam Pearson was diagnosed with prostate cancer four years ago and has persevered.  Sam recently sat down with to share his story.

Over 50 Athlete Sam Pearson

Over 50 Athlete Sam Pearson 

bMF.c:  Sam, tell us about the physical activities you stay involved in.

SP: I really enjoy riding Mountains Bikes with my son; he and I race in 6 to 7 events per year. I also enjoy running 10Ks or half’s.

bMF.c: Why the interest in this area?

SP: I really enjoy being in shape, I know this means different things to different people, but by doing this, I can make adjustments in my training and prepare for MTB racing season, competing in a Triathlon, running a half marathon or just about any activity.

bMF.c: How do you stay in shape for your activities?

SP: I do cross training of MTB & road biking, running and swimming. My one area that I really am slack in is Continue reading

Podcast With Over-50 Masters Athlete Charles Staley

Over 50 Masters Athlete Charles Staley

Charles Staley, 52, training for national-level masters power lifting competition.

Want to hear first-hand the keys to being an over-50 masters athlete?

In this Podcast, talks with 52 year-old Charles Staley, a trainer and mentor at Target Focus Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ.

Charles competes in power lifting and is currently training to compete at the national level.

Click on the link below and listen to Charles explain his approach to training, to diet and nutrition, and to living the life of a maters athlete.

Fitness after 50 Interview with Masters Athlete Charles Staley

If you’re over 50 (or know someone who is – share this!), Charles provides yet another example of how men can be in the absolute best shape of their lives – after age 50!

Fitness after 50 Interview with Masters Athlete Charles Staley



At 58, Masters Athlete Paul Afek Uses Bodybuilding as Motivation

Most senior men over 50 can’t fathom getting on stage as a bodybuilder.

Paul Afek Fit at 50

Paul Afek shows that men over 50 can get into the best shape of their lives

Maybe they should.

Masters athlete Paul Afek can provide an inspirational example. Paul started lifting weights not long ago just to get in shape.  Paul obviously saw the potential for much more than just getting into shape, and so did the people around him.

In a fairly short time, Paul went from out of shape to lifting weights to the bodybuilding stage.  Paul provides a living example of what men over 50 are capable of achieving.

Through a consistent, disciplined approach of hard work and diet management, men over 50 can be in the very best shape of their lives.

Read the interview here! Continue reading

Men Over 50 – Beware the Silent Killer

This year, for every women diagnosed with breast cancer, approximately two men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  In fact, for a man living past 70, the probability of prostate cancer approaches 100%. And most certainly the risk of prostate cancer is high for men over 50.

Men Over 50 Can Prevent Prostate Cancer

Men over 50 can reduce prostate cancer risks by changing their body composition and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Yet for all of the tremendous support and publicity that goes out for breast cancer, men’s prostate cancer remains a silent killer.

While progress continues on understanding, preventing, and treating prostate cancer, men over 50 can take important steps towards reducing their risk of prostate disease, and, like always, it comes down to two lifestyle regimens: eating right and exercise.

Like most health alternatives, evidence shows that choosing a healthy diet that’s low in fat and full of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men over 50.  Here are diet options men over 50 should adopt:

  • Reduce your overall calories.  The goal here is to reduce body fat, and a man over 50 should be at about 15%.  Have your body fat checked by a fitness professional and have them calculate your daily calorie needs.  Then, reduce your calorie intake to 500 calories below your daily needs, this will cause you to lose about 1 pound of body fat per week until reaching your target level of 15%.
    • Change  your fat intake.  We need fat, but the right kinds and the right amounts.  Get mostly omega 3 fats from fish and nuts.  Try to minimize omega 6 fats that come from processed oils.
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables ( a lot more). Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that are thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  But more importantly, fruits and especially vegetables provide low-glycemic, or complex carbohydrates, providing a slow drip of energy that get used up and not stored as fat.
    • Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all, and don’t smoke. If you choose to drink alcohol, limit yourself to no more than one serving per day. If you smoke, stop.

    Studies show that men who exercise may have a reduced risk of Continue reading

    Think “Over 50” is Too Late? Just Ask Inspirational Greg Dasenbrock!

    For anyone over 50 thinking it’s “too late” to get into the best shape of your life, just read Greg Dasenbrock’s interview.  At age 49 Greg had several very serious health complications that, unfortunately, are all too common in men at this age.

    Greg Dasenbrock Masters Athlete over 50 Years Old

    Greg Dasenbrock is an inspiration to men over 50 looking to get back into shape

    However, with the help of renowned trainer Sean Harley and a “can-do/will-do” attitude, in a mere 24 months Greg completely reversed his physical conditions and now competes as a masters bodybuilder.

    Greg shows that, through a disciplined approach to both exercise and diet, any man over 50 can not only improve his health significantly, he can be in the best shape of his life.  Read Greg’s motivating interview now!

    Q:  Tell us about the physical activities you stay involved in.

    A:  Predominately my weight training and Bodybuilding, but I do still enjoy Cycling, Golf, Football and chasing my Grand-Kids around… I started weight training at 49 years old after 30yrs of inactivity. It has not always been easy but it is great to have my health back and be in better shape than I ever was!

    Q: Why the interest in this area?

    A: I have always enjoyed being competitive, but my lack of exercise over the years lead me to be less so, I had lost my athleticism and my fitness. In addition, over those years my inactivity and poor health practices (smoking and bad diet) started to lead to health issues. I started taking medications for high blood pressure in my early 30’s… in my early 40’s I added two medications to control blood sugars (Type II). I tried running and other means of cardio to slow down the progression but it was not until I switched over to Continue reading

    Adapt Now to Achieve Masters Fitness After 50

    By: Mark Mason

    Age 23.  Life is great, you are loaded with energy, exercise all the time, eat whatever food you want and never put on a pound.  In fact, with your weight lifting routine, you have a lean muscular build as well.  Self confidence is very high, you have no problems meeting women and putting on weight is furthest from your mind.  In fact, your metabolism is fast enough that it can withstand the barrage of weekend partying and more than the occasional junk food meal.  You’ll never gain an inch or a pound at this rate, right?

    Men Over 50 Muscle Gains

    Men over 50 can gain muscle and reverse aging trends

    Fast forward 30 years to age 53.  The metabolism that was once ultra-fast and could absorb anything that was given to it has now slowed with age.  The pressures of work and children have slowed your exercise routine to a crawl, and you are prone to quick, unhealthy meals since you just do not have the time for anything else with your schedule.  As a result, you are now overweight and unhealthy, something that at age 23 you never thought possible.

    Losing this weight with your busy schedule is going to be impossible, right?  Wrong!  This could not be further from the truth.  Weight loss is an achievable task at any age, and certainly over 50.  Weight loss has two key components to it: Continue reading

    Muscle Toning for Senior Men

    Muscle toning basics for men over 50

    Getting to the age of 50 most men start to lose their lean muscle. This,combined with an increase in fat deposition around the body, leads to significant loss of discernible

    Muscle Tone in Men over 50

    Men over 50 can gain significant muscle tone through resistance training

    muscle tone. This is not an inevitable effect of aging, contrary to popular conception. There is no reason why a man over 50 years cannot maintain his muscular tone and his physical fitness. In fact, toning your muscles after age fifty comes with the added benefit of gaining more strength and better balance in your body then ever before for men who haven’t worked out.

    For men who were avid exercisers in their young age, picking where they left off with resistance training can lead to the regaining of the muscle tone they had lost. Those men who have never exercised before are advised to start with resistance and endurance exercises in order to lose weight and tone up their musculature.

    Men over 50 have many exercise varieties to choose from. Some of these include lifting free weights, strength training machines and exercises that uses your own body weight to enhance muscular firmness. Weight training, also called resistance training is the perfect way to increase your Continue reading

    Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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