Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Successful Weight Loss in Seniors Athletes

For men over 50, weight loss is about sticking to the nutrition basics

by: Daniel Bottering

senior men lose weight through proper diet

Eating less crap and more food is one way for senior men to lose weight


If you have ever engaged in any weight-loss program either on your own or via some sort of help form a fitness instructor or a weight loss program, you may have felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. The improvements are very satisfying. So why don’t you get your wow back, shed some pounds and get your confidence back.

It is indeed true that the weight-loss industry is flooded at the moment with supplements that fail to work, exercise programs and video  that are only there to make money, seemingly low-fat diets which don’t do what they claimas well as weight-loss programs that are just money-making scams.

In the midst of all this, if you are focussed and concentrated on the basics, you should be able to get your body mass down by a greater percentage by focussing on the things that we disregard and never take advantage of.

It is true most people fail at dieting to lose weight; calorie counting, exercising and even having a positive mindse . However, these are the same ideals that have worked for most people in the past. For those that struggle, it is important to note that weight gained over a number of years will not automatically get shed after a a short time, so it is important the mind-set is right from the onset.

An extremely positive attitude will obviously result in extremely quicker results. Keeping a positive mind set and having a “can do” mentality will always ensure that you’re on the winning side. Being distracted is quite easy. Looking at people leaner than you, getting involved in negative conversations and not believing in yourself and your capabilities can go a long way to affect your mentality. Already you must remember you are over 50 so the likelihood to be discouraged by your peers, family and friends will be greater.

Once you have your mind set in place you diet has to be managed with discipline. After all, we are what we eat. Have a disciplined program and menu where you only indulge in good healthy eating habits. Ditch all the chocolates and late-night popcorn and drinks while lying in your couch, take away fatty, high-calorie meals for something nutritious, swap the milky lattes for green tea and the chocolate bar for some dried fruits and nuts.

It isn’t complicated and very achievable. Losing weight doesn’t mean having an extreme diet that deprives you of your daily nutrients; but rather finding alternatives low in calories, and, if possible organic. For example, it is best eating white meat like chicken than red meat or plain salads with low-calories, low-fat dressings.

A lot of fruits do help instead of drinking processed and concentrated juices full of sugar.

Exercising; something many people don’t like to talk about always serves as a catalyst to your weight-loss program. Why don’t you spend a few hours in the gym a couple of times in the week working out? It will work in your favor. The positive side is, this is good motivation, as seeing people work out will encourage you to step up your game.

Well, you might say you’re over 50 and not exactly confident. No excuses! Start by doing 3 to 4 weekly runs and jogging and slowly as you build up that confidence you can sign up to your local gym. The reason is simple- working out on your own can be harder and may not provide enough motivation as you would receive in a gym enironment.

Now is your chance to make a difference in your life-get your running shoes on!

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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