after BestFit50 weight loss

After BestFit50

Man over 50 before BestFit50

Before BestFit50

Have you given up hope of ever having the body you want and deserve?

Are you tired of loved ones considering you to be “over the hill”?

Had enough of the opposite sex writing you off as an “old” person who’s body is in hopeless shape and getting worse by the day?






Imagine being

in the absolutely, very best shape of your life –




That’s right, and the solution is simple:  No drugs, no “fad” diets, no ridiculous workout routines, just PROVEN methods that get RESULTS.


Seem too good to be true?  Keep reading.


You see, the media has created a false perception of what you should look and act like after age 50.   They’ve handed you a script and, guess what?


You don’t have to follow it!


That’s right, I will show you how I’m helping thousands of people over age 50  TEAR UP THAT FALSE SCRIPT and create a brand new one that THEY control.

Join The Revolution!


Let me show you how I personally SHATTERED every myth about fitness over 50!



Now it’s possible for you

to have the BEST BODY





Introducing BestFit50 – Masters Fitness Explained

Men Over 50 Lose Weight,Gain Muscle

In this amazing book I’ll share with you, step-by-step, how to get that to-die-for body you’ve always wanted.  Imagine what people will say when they see your slimmed down, toned body from following the guidelines I lay out for you in BF50. Here’s just some of what you’ll get:

Listen to what people just like you have to say about PF-50:



“BF50 knocked my socks off.  This simple approach to fitness over 50 changed everything I thought I knew about what’s possible.  I’ve lost 22 pounds in the last 60 days and can see in the mirror the new lean muscle mass I’ve added!”

Bob C.

Kansas City, MO



“John, thank you, BF50 has changed my life forever.  I’ve dropped weight like a rock and gotten so much stronger, even my golf game has improved – my handicap has dropped 5 strokes! I just feel better than I ever have before, wish I’d made these discoveries a long time ago!”

Tom R.

Albany, NY



“I’m having a blast with life again, I feel like I’m 18 again and I never thought that was possible.  Your BF50 program is so simple and makes so much sense, and it’s really easy to follow.  My new girlfriend says I look and act like I’m 28, not 54!”

Sam H.

Portland, OR



“John, here’s what I’d tell anyone considering BestFit50 – you’re crazy not to do it! I feel better now at 58 than at any time in my life and I can see my six pack for the first time ever – and I played semi-pro hockey in my twenties!”

Jerry L.

Montreal Canada



“I’m dating again after years of low-self esteem about my over-weight body and pale appearance.  This BestFit50 is incredible, I would have paid $1,000 for these results!”

Carl J.

Atlanta, GA



How did these people gain these kinds of results?


It’s simple:  BestFit50 works!  In my 30 years as a gym rat, endurance athlete, and business executive in the nutritional supplement and fitness business, I’ve put together everything I’ve learned into a single, no-nonsense book.


I share with you exactly what I’ve done, so you, too, can get the best body of your life – after age 50!



In BestFit50, I share with you everything you need to know to get that slim, toned body you’ve always wanted. Here’s just a sample of the life-changing information you get:


How to learn powerful ways to use your mind and control your own destiny to achieve the best fitness of your life after age 50


How to get started right now with important ways to jump-start your body that gets you off the sofa and triggers massive weight loss and muscle toning!


Only with BF50, you will you get the critical secrets to gaining muscle tone after age 50 that everyone misses!


Get the “Missing Link” in your diet no one has ever told you about that your body absolutely must have to lose weight and get toned!  Also, imagine never getting tired.


You get an easy, step-by-step way to get the most from life by having endless energy all day long!


Learn how to make your body bullet-proof from injury so you can do all the activities you love, even demanding activities you couldn’t do when you were younger!


Also read about the inspirational way you can gain the admiration of your friends and loved ones by helping them toward better health.

Special Offer!


Now you can have the body you’ve always wanted by getting my book only through this exclusive offer!  BestFit50 has a value of $99.95 for the life-changing information that I’ve spent years compiling.  However, I recently received a personal challenge to spread these incredible secrets to as many people as possible, so I agreed to drastically discount BestFit50 far below its value!


Therefore, if you order now, you will receive BestFit50, for the low, low price of just $37.95; a savings of over 60%!!


But that’s not all!  I have more information for you that I will give to you absolutely free!



Special Report 1:     Keys to Unlimited EnergyMen Over 50 Unlimited Energy


Do you find yourself getting tired at all times of the day? Does running out of energy keep you from doing what you want to do with your life? Well, in this special report I’ll show you the secrets to maintaining tons of energy all the time!


Value: $34.95


Special Report 2:     Secrets of Injury PreventionMen Over 50 Injury Prevention


Did you know that injury is the #1 reason why people over 50 stop being active? In my special report “Secrets of Injury Prevention” I show you how to virtually eliminate the chance of injuring yourself – even doing extreme activities!


Value: $44.95


Special Report 3:     Motivation: How to go from Sofa to Superstar!Men Over 50 Motivation


The hardest part of any fitness program is just getting up and doing it. In “Motivation: How to go from Sofa to Superstar”, I will show you my personal secrets that have kept me super-excited about my workouts for decades!


Value: $28.95




So, here’s everything you get

by ordering today!


Men Over 50 Lose Weight,Get Fit



Yes, that’s right, order today and you save over $170!

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My Personal, Money-Back Guarantee!    

I’m so certain that you’ll be blown away by everything you get in this package that I’m offering a no-questions-asked, 60-day guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love the improvements you’re making to your body, the weight you’re losing, the strength you’re gaining, your incredible improvements in the mirror,  I’ll give you your money back within the first 60 days, and as a thank you for trying us out you can keep all of the materialsYou can’t lose with this!     


You Need to Act Now!


Remember, I’m only offering today’s price rediculously lower than actual value to fulfill my commitment to reach out and help as many people as possible, BestFit50 won’t be offered at this price forever!


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