Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Over 50 And No Diet Plan? Get With The Program

A healthy diet is important at any age, but as you become a senior athlete, the importance of having a healthy diet increases dramatically.  Let’s face facts; we are not going to be on this planet forever and each year that passes brings us closer to the inevitable.

To ensure this happens as far in the future as possible, the first place to start is to review what your current diet is and, if necessary, seek the assistance of a nutritionist to put together a new diet plan.

Over 50 Diet Plan

No getting around it, the diet counts most for men over 50 seeking weight loss 

Remember, though, being over 50 means that you need to make adjustments to what you consume.  You will need less calories and certainly less fats/cholesterols than your younger counterparts.

A critical aspect of any diet change is that it should not be viewed as a diet.  Diets are short-term in nature and often do not last beyond reaching the immediate goal that has been set.

Instead, a diet change should be viewed as a lifestyle and eating habit change, one that you will get used to and maintain for the long-term.

In order to successfully implement a lifestyle change, it is important to understand what your personality type is and how you will both initially lose weight and keep it off over the long term.

For example, there is a stark contrast between those that are detailed planners and those that are spontaneous.   Detailed planners will benefit most from fully mapping out their eating plan over a course of weeks/months (and perhaps for the remainder of their life, in some cases).  Those that are more spontaneous are more likely to understand that they need to lose weight, understand what they need to do in order to get there, but also will have to manage their impulses tightly to maintain success.

There are a variety of diets men over 50 can follow depending on their goals.  If they are looking to build and maintain muscle, a diet based in higher proteins is the path to follow.  Again, keep in mind, men over 50 will likely need to consume less than their younger counterparts to reach the same goal.  With this in mind, extra protein is OK for muscle gain but be careful to not over do it.  Your body at this age cannot process as much protein as your younger body could in order to operate optimally.

If you are just looking to maintain general health along with your exercise routine, your diet should be more balanced.  Consulting your Doctor and Nutritionist is a good way to determine, at your age and for your specific body, what mix of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy to consume.  While there is much literature on the Internet suggesting specific diets that would be better for specific people, such as the blood type diet, there is no substitute for a qualified professional advising you on the best plan.

Finally, any diet you maintain should be complemented with a variety of supplements specific to your needs, again best determined by a professional.  At a minimum, a multi-vitamin is critical; however others such as calcium, magnesium, etc. might be suggested.   Understanding yourself, how you will best stick to your goals, working with a specialist and continuing to exercise will help you extne your  life as long as possible,  and you’ll enjoy it more with good health!

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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