Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Men Over 50 – Start Your Workout Program Now!

by: Michael Miller

Seniors Weight Loss

Men over 50 can achieve weight loss, muscle tone, and improved health with an improved diet and moderate exercise

Who said losing all that fat, building muscles and gaining a better physique was for the younger generation? Well, if you are over 50 and of that opinion, then you’re just about to change it.

Elderly people tend to indulge in a lot of junk food- sometimes this could be due to the stresses of family life, work, or just plain ignorance; lack of information as to what is healthy and what isn’t. This usually results in a build-up of fat, increase in calories and ultimately a bad physique. Quite often seniors don’t realize how easily this catches up with them until well after the flabby waist has appeared.

It is possible to eat well and gain muscle while shedding fat simultaneously. However, to be able to see results in your physique you must be committed to working out and eating the right kinds of food.

If you are that keen on results then why don’t you set goals for yourself? Just like anything in life, goals are important to enable us to reach our desired results. Until you set goals of how much of your body fat you want to get rid of, you will be wasting your time. Yes, you might be over 50, but be positive minded and tell yourself you’re going to do it. Once your goals are set, and in writing, evaluate them periodically-monthly or weekly- to see what progress you are making. After all, you need a reason to ditch all the slices of pizza and to wake up early and keep at it.

There is no fat-loss process without having to drink lots of water. It simply speeds up the process and its importance cannot be over emphasized. If you can get a gallon or more into your system daily, that’s fantastic. Understandably it will be quite difficult from the onset, so just keep going till you reach your target.

Eat a lot but eat the right stuff-don’t pile on the junk food. Remember, you’re not a teenager, so eating the wrong things will take longer to burn. Eating a lot of small meals; about 5 to 6 or more will speed up your metabolism. These meals should be high in protein, low in omega 6 fa,t and be fairly moderate with the carbohydrate intake. Conversely, eating a large meal once or twice in the day will slow your metabolism and actually cause your body to store fat.

Indulge in cardiovascular workouts. It might be very tough going, but set your mind on the training. You will soon get used to it. Most of the calories you burn will happen while you work out. If you can engage in 20 to 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 days in the week that will just be right for you. Don’t get too comfortable. Push the limits and begin to feel your heart racing. Again, for about three times or more a week, do intense weight training. This will add muscle to your frame and cause you to have that ripped figure you’re aiming at. It will also burn a bit of your body fat although not as much as the cardio would.

If you want to see rapid improvement while you train, it is essential to lay aside all your inhibitions which age seems to come with and focus on training like a  young man.

It is only then will you be  convinced that  within a  couple of months you could develop that physique you have been yearning for!


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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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