Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

“Man-Opause” – Learn These 6 Signs of Male Menopause in Men Over 50

Male menopause occurs in men over 50

Male menopause occurs in men over 50. Fortunately, treatment is available.

Physical changes begin in men over 50, know the signs to watch for.

While everyone is aware of menopause in women, groundbreaking studies continue in recognizing and understanding the changes men go through after about age 50, driven primarily by reduced testosterone levels, but also potentially by increased estrogen levels.

Male menopause can be treated through a combination of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and improved lifestyle, including dietary and exercise changes resulting in lower body fat and increased muscle mass.

If you believe you’re experiencing male menopause or know someone who may be, see your doctor to discuss your best options.  You may want to consider seeing a doctor who specializes in HRT.

Check for any combination of the following conditions:

1.       Increased fatigue/reduced physical and mental stamina

  • Feeling tired, lacking ambition and aggressiveness towards life’s challenges

2.       Depression

  • Persistent sad mood, feelings of worthlessness, loss of pleasure in life

3.       Irritability

  • Argumentative, agitated by seemingly trivial matters

4.       Reduced libido

  •  Loss of sex drive, often gradual but significant

5.       Reduced sexual potency

  •  Reduced ability to actually achieve or maintain erection, overall decreased sexual performance

6.       Premature or excessive physical aging

  •  Loss of muscle mass often accompanied by weight (body fat) gain. Overall acceleration of aged appearance

Remember that everyone is different and may exhibit combinations of these conditions for different reasons.  And always look to an improved lifestyle as your very first line of defense against any ailment, which includes no tobacco products, very limited alcohol, a clean diet, and regular vigorous exercise.

Remember, male menopause can be treated, if you have any of the above symptoms or are a man over 50 and believe you may have male menopause, see your health care professional.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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