Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Learn These 8 Ways to Get Masters Fitness into Your Daily Life!

by: Sharon L.

Daily Masters Fitness

Senior men can get masters fitness through exercise daily.

Working out is one of the most straightforward ways to keep your body fit, and many ways exist to get the job done.  If you feel that you need more than you are actually getting from your routines, or because you don´t make time to work out now, or even because you are looking for alternative ways of getting in tune with your body, the following tips and recommendations can help you:

1) Use the stairs, not the elevator:  You will burn 100 calories for 10 minutes that you spend doing this, strenghten your legs and enhance your endurance.  Remember,  next time you see an elevator,  stairs will do it.

2) Mow the lawn:  For every 30 minutes that you engage in this, you will burn 244 calories if you are using a non-power lawn mower and 200 for a powered mower.  While making your garden and home look better, you will exercise and relax outdoors.

3) Swim: Tired of the same routine?  Add some water to your daily life.  Find a nearby swimming pool and go early in the morning before work to start your day energized, or after work to let go of stress and finish the day relaxed.  Improve your cardiovascular system, enhance your endurance, tone your body and burn 266 calories for every half hour in the water.

4) Get a bicycle:  Or use the one that you already have.  If you don´t have to drive a long distance, get into the habit of biking there rather than going by car or public transport.  At 12-15 mph, you strengthen your legs, improve your cardiovascular system and endurance, decrease  your CO2 footprint and burn 266 calories for every half hour you do it.

5) Cooking:  Burn 111 for every half hour, take care of your nutrition and maybe get points with your housemates by doing so.

6) Play with children:  Any young members in your family?  Go and spend some time with them, enjoy active games and help out their primary caretakers.  You’ll burn 222 probably with younger ones (vigorous effort) , 178 with older ones (moderate effort) and get into a joyful mood.

7) Help someone to move: Be good help to a friends or relative and burn 175 calories for every 30 minutes of unpacking, 266 for moving furniture and 311 for carrying boxes.  Plus you will engage in weight lifting.   Your friends and body will be very thankful.

8) Paint your house:  How´s your siding and trim been looking lately?  Every half hour of painting will burn 222 calories.  Imagine the amount it will have accounted for once the work´s done.

As you see, ways of keeping your body moving are countless, and everyday activities can be now seen also as an opportunity to keep fit.

*Note: The amount of calories you burn per activity is calculated for a person of 185 pounds, substract a few if you weigh less and add some if it´s more.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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