Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Holiday Weight Loss Basics for Men Over 50

With the holiday season upon us, men over 50 need to focus on these 6 steps for weight control.

Holiday Diet Control

Men over 50 can control their holiday diets

Okay, so you know it will happen.

You’ll go to a big holiday gathering with tons of food.

Good food.

The temptations will mount.

Walking into the holiday seasons unprepared can lay waste to your waist management plans.  In fact, many men over 50 will establish over eating and weight gain habits that can send their health spiraling out of control for the new year.

However, it doesn’t have to happen that way.  Just follow these 6 easy steps to keep your eating and your weight under control  this holiday season:

1)      Plan your meal consumption

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  When you know a big holiday meal is on the schedule, think in advance about how you’ll eat that day.  What food will likely be served?  What are your healthiest options?  What will your plate look like when served?

Creating mental lists and images will help reduce mindless binging and provide structure to your meals.

2)      Watch the hors d’ oeuvres

Mindlessly grazing on appetizers for hours before a holiday meal will wreck your diet plans.  Many people like to fool themselves by pretending that pre-meal munchies don’t  count.  In fact, these items tend to be some of the most calorie dense foods of the meal.

If you have too much to choose from, just go for the veggies, like celery, carrots, and broccoli.  Creamy dips?  Don’t do it!

3)      Focus on roughage and fiber

So it’s time for the main meal.  Start by filling your plate with high-fiber roughage like salad and vegetables.  Choose a light vinaigrette for your salad dressing. Sweet potatoes also work well (minus the marshmallows, of course).  These items take up a lot of plate space and they also contribute to satiation, or feeling full.

Next, add meat, but sparingly.  Stay away from the mashed potatoes.  And skip the gravy (yep, that’s right, skip it.

4)      Keep portions small (very small)

Holiday meals tend to be long on selections.  If you want a sample of everything, your portions must be ridiculously small.  In most cases, a couple of ounces, or about the area of ½ of your palm will do it.

Desert portions require intense discipline, especially considering the diet destruction sugar causes.  So if you’re having pie that’s fine, but limit yourself to a 2-inch wide sliver.

5)      Cut out the alcohol

Alcohol is another hidden holiday diet killer.  One alcoholic beverage, be it beer, wine, or mixed drink, typically contains about 125 calories.  Worse, these are empty calories providing no nutritional value, and alcohol can slow your metabolism and digestion speed.

If you like to drink, limit yourself to one beverage pre meal and one beverage during the meal, that’s it.

6)      Walk after meals

Holiday meals by nature can create long periods of sedentary activity.  Hours spent eating, drinking, and not moving around create a perfect storm for weight gain.

Do yourself and important favor, head out the door for a 15 minute walk around the area.  This helps pick up your metabolism and speed digestion, plus you’ll just feel better.  So grab that friend or relative that you’ve missed talking with and ask them to go with you.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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