Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Greg Minor, 58, Lives The Active Life

Greg Minor hasn’t let injuries slow him down, read how his simple-yet-disciplined approach toward diet and exercise keeps him in shape for his active lifestyle.

bMF.c : Greg, tell us about the physical activities you stay involved in.

Greg Minor shows the results of living a fitness lifestyle for men over 50

Greg Minor shows the results of living a fitness lifestyle

Greg:  the physical activities I stay involved in are cycling, both street and mountain, Hiking and weight training.

bMF.c : Why the interest in these areas?

Greg:  I started riding bikes again after I retired and gave up Motorcycle riding. I used to race dirt bikes and later rode big Adventure bikes. After an accident in late 2004 I decided I could not be trusted with a throttle

bMF.c : How do you stay in shape for your activities?

Greg:  I stay in shape by weight training and aerobics and riding my bike.  I’m fortunate to live in Sunny So CA so I can ride most of the year. I train with relatively heavy weights, my workout split currently is  4 days on and one day off and looks like this:  Day 1 I ride my bike for 3 to 4 hours 40-60 miles. Day 2 is a gym day that starts with 30/45 minutes of aerobics on an elliptical and then I train chest, shoulder and triceps. Day 3 is another ride day. Day 4 I train back, biceps and legs. Day 5 is a rest day. Day 6 starts over again. My wife trains and rides with me each day. I do a full rotator cuff routine before any work that involves my shoulders as I feel it’s one of the most important things an older athlete can do to insure his longevity in the gym. My typical workout is about 2 hours on gym days  (including 30 to 45 minutes of aerobics) My wife and I have averaged over 5000 miles a year since 2008 on our Bikes this year I will be a bit short as I had some down time for my neck surgery ( see # 7). I train my abs 3 days a week

bMF.c : How do you stay motivated?

Greg:  I keep myself motivated by reminding myself that there is an old man in my review mirror and if I get lax he will catch me as I have heard he is very fast and just lies back and waits for  his chance to catch up 🙂 I also have a very fit younger wife (she is 56) and I need to keep up with her.

bMF.c : What is your biggest personal challenge to achieving and maintaining fitness over 50? How do you overcome that challenge?

Greg:  My biggest challenge to staying fit is working past pain. I have a bad knee from the motorcycle accidents I had in 2004 which always hurts but I have learned to get past it.  I also had to change my eating habits, as a young man I was just a tall drink of water and a carpenter by trade and could eat most anything I wanted, but as I aged and after I started my business (residential Framing Contractor for large subdivisions) and quit working with my tools my metabolism slowed way down and I gained weight, eventually hitting 310 lbs. With the help of a good doctor I got my hormones back to normal and currently take thyroid meds, 200 MG testosterone a week and airimdex 1/2 tab every 3 days

bMF.c : How do you approach diet and nutrition? What are your meals like? What kind of supplements do you take, if any?

Greg:  my diet and nutrition is pretty simple: I eat  37% to 40% of my calories in protein mostly chicken and turkey and supplemental protein powder, 35%  low-glycemic carbs,  brown rice, oats and whole grain bread and greens, fats are 25%, mostly the fat in my meat, avocado and olive oil.

I currently eat 3,300 to 4,000 calories a day depending on how much I ride my bike. My normal breakfast is 1 cup (raw ) oats with fresh 1/2 cup of strawberries and 3 ounces of total lean protein drink,  8 to 10 ounces of chicken breast meat with a little tomato salsa or fresh tomatoes.  I finish of this meal with a slice of fresh pineapple. This meal is 697 calories 75 grams of protein 70.5 carbs and 13 grams of fat.

My second meal is a protein smoothie with two scoops of protein, a supplement called Nano green’s and Nano omega’s, and bottle of joint juice and a fiber and seed mix my wife makes up. This drink is 449 calories, 62.33 grams of protein, 31 carbs and 8 grams of fat.

I then either ride or go to the gym. On gym days I will have another protein drink after I train. On ride days I eat quest protein bars and cliff bars if I need more carbs. On a long ride ( more that 50 Miles) I also pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread (Dave’s killer good seed bread).  Dinner is usually Turkey Chicken or a 1 or 2 times a week some kind of lean beef or bison.

I do enjoy cookies and once in awhile donuts, but I always make sure I have earned the treat with suffcient aerobic activity.  I will often have another meal after dinner  if it was a high calorie burn day ( I wear a Polar heart monitor and watch to track my burn).  I will have another meal usually 6 ounces of chicken and 1/2 cup of brown rice (cooked).

I weigh and measure all my food at home and use  the website and their phone app calorie counter to log all of my food intake. This is one of the most important lifestyle changes I made as I know exactly what my food cost me and it allows me to know what I need to eat to keep my preferred food balance. It also lets me know if I have room for a treat or not.

I have very low cholesterol (total 102) and take a prescription oil to try to raise my HDL.  I use a pre-workout drink called Andren.O.lyn cuts.  I take several other supplements but will have to get back to you on what they are as my wife just hands me my pills each morning and evening!

bMF.c : Have you overcome injuries and/or surgeries? What were they? How did you overcome them?

Greg:  I have had three knee surgeries 2005/2006  and just this Year (Feb. 5)  I had neck surgery for a bulging disk that was pressing against my spinal cord. I have some nerve damage from the stenosis in my neck that causes me to be weaker and smaller on my right side. This has hinderd my pushing strength on anything overhead and does affect my chest strength. My knee limits my leg workouts I don’t do squats or lunges. I always have some should discomfort as I do in my lower neck also. Each day I wake up and wonder what will hurt today, so I take 1 ibuprofen 800 each morning for my knee and neck and sometimes I will take a Tylenol if needed. I also have a vein in my right calf that leaks that I may have fixed soon for now a compression sleeve seems to keep the swelling down. No one said getting older was for sissies but they did not say we have to give up either!

bMF.c : Do you have a target weight and/or body fat level you maintain?  What is it? How do you achieve it?

Greg:  my weight goal set 3 years ago has been reached at 250 lbs. and 10% body fat.  I currently weigh 247 and sometimes I hit 244 and my weight will change by 5 or 6 pounds between morning (higher) and afternoon My body fat also changes between morning and evening. I’m 12 % in the am and sub 10 in the afternoon.

I drink at least 3 liters of water in the evening and over the course of the night another 1.5 liters.  I’m now looking to see if I can maintain below 245 without losing too much size . Being 6’6″ makes keeping size on my arms a constant struggle unless I let my weight go up. One of the hardest parts of learning how to stay lean was knowing just what works and what doesn’t and using my calorie app really has helped me to look back and see where my food intake and weight track each other. I still can’t get that 25 year old six pack though I do have a bit of loose skin from being bigger in my belly, but not too bad.

bMF.c : What are your health and fitness goals for the future?

Greg:  my future goals are to continue to keep fit and I hope to be able to help motivate others that its never to late to get fit and health getting old is not so bad as long as we can keep on moving as the arthritis commercial says “a body in motion stays in motion” my goal is to keep on moving forward

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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