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How Amazing Masters Athlete Mike Reaves Lost Weight through Football!


Mikes Reaves achieves weight loss

Mike Reaves: 50 years old and fit for full-contact football


Are you in good enough shape right now to strap on the pads and go play full-contact football?

Imagine doing this at age 50.

That”s what Masters Athlete Mike Reaves does. Not only that, he does it against guys right out of High School and College, some over 30 years younger than him

Mike is an example of “no limits” to what men can do after age 50. Mike has overcome a knee surgery earlier in life as well as considerable personal challenges.

“I’ve learned that the true meaning of happiness is to help others,” said Reaves. “Through football, guys who would otherwise not be doing much with their lives start dreaming again.”

One coach says Reaves is an inspiration to the entire team. “He does everything from his heart,” he said. Reaves has accomplish a great deal against all odds and, therefore, inspires others players to follow his lead. “He gives the younger guys something to look up to and look forward to,” said the former coach.

According to Reaves, he’s in better shape now than he was ten years ago and has no plans to give up the game he loves.

“I won’t stop playing until they carry me off,” said Reaves. He says his main inspiration has been his nine-year-old son and his two daughters. “I want them to feel they should never give up, stay determined and keep pushing forward,” said Reaves. “By watching me do something for myself and turn it into something that helps others, maybe they will learn something.”

After having been named an All-American last year, being nominated this year, and winning the league’s Linesman of the Year award, Reaves says he couldn’t be more satisfied.

“God has given me back ten-fold what I lost my senior year of high school,” Reaves said. “If I retired today, I would say I could not have asked for more.”

“Mike has come from a long road of trials and errors. He made a change in his life and he saw that other people need that same change,” his coach said. “He inspires people to do this. And he does it through sports. He’s a great guy. Go Mike Reaves!”

Q: Mike, tell our readers about the physical activities you stay involved in.

A: Weightlifting, football, basketball, and snorkeling in the springs

Q: Why the interest in this area?

A: Football helps get rid of anxiety, I love the fact that 40 men try to obtain a common goal and can fulfill it. And it brings my family together to watch me play.

Q: How do you stay in shape for your activities?

A: Weight train 5 days a week then when football is in season I practice one day a week and play one day a week

Q: Tell us about your workouts. What do you do? How often?

A: Monday and Thursday: bench press (Chest, lats, triceps)

7 sets of flat bench 6 reps

4 sets of incline bench 6 reps

4 sets of dumbbell fly 8 reps

4 sets of pushups 15 reps

4 seated rows 8 reps

4 sets of lat pull down 8 reps

8 sets triceps push down 8 reps

100 sit ups

Tuesday and Friday (Shoulders and biceps)

8 military press on smith machine 8 reps

4 up right flies 8 reps

4 sets of dips head down 8 reps

4 French curl bars 8 reps

4 curls 8 reps

4 straight bar curls 8 reps

4 preacher machine 8 reps

100 sit ups

Wednesday (Legs)

10 sets of squats 10 reps

4 quad machine 8 reps

4 ham string curl 8 reps

4 sets of leg press 8 reps

100 sit ups

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

A: I am always training so I can be better at football also I have been a salesman for over 30years and you have to be motivated

Q: What is your biggest personal challenge to achieving and maintaining fitness over 50? How do you overcome that challenge?

A: Eating right, workout, and doing cardio during football

Q: How do you approach diet and nutrition? What are your meals like? What kind of supplements do you take, if any?

A: multi vitamins, vitamin b, 1 protein shake every morning, hardly eating any starchy food or carbs, and eating only small amount of meat

Q: Have you overcome injuries and/or surgeries? What were they? How did you overcome them?

A: reconstructive knee surgery from football when I was 17 yrs. old, broken thumb while playing football, gets cortisone shots in shoulders for nerve damage and arthritis due to football, ripped calf muscle in half while playing football, right elbow has nerve damage and is limited due to being a lineman in football I use my arms for extending and blocking heavy linemen.

Q: Do you have a target weight and/or body fat level you maintain? What is it? How do you achieve it?

A: my target weight in 230 I really don???t watch my body fat just as long as my pants fit comfortable then I am okay. I did weigh 315 but know I weigh 230

Q: What are your health and fitness goals for the future?

A: lean muscle mass, to stay healthy, and it is more important to have cuts then bulk

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