Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Five Reasons Why Men Over 50 Must Train with Heavy Weights

Men over 50 will increase muscle and strength gains by lifting heavy weights

by: Michael Miller

Masthers Athlete Bicep

Masters Athletes can gain signficant muscle size by lifting heavy weights

The benefits that will be listed below are available to masters men who choose the mindset that lifting heavy weights and adopting healthy eating patterns can change your life!

 One — Increase in Muscle Mass

Who, beside most women, doesn’t want more muscle?  In today’s supersized world, having visible muscles is one of the easiest ways for you to stand out in a good way—especially amongst your round-bellied, stooped-shouldered peers.  Muscles make you look better while wearing clothes or at the beach.  The increase in confidence that comes with having noticeable muscles will cause you to stand up straighter.  The ladies will have trouble hiding their interest in a man who looks like he could easily best other men.  Your peers and business associates will treat you with greater respect and deference.

Increased muscle mass helps to keep you in great health.  Turnover of the protein in your muscles ensures that your immune system will be fully supplied.  Also, increased muscle mass keeps the unfortunate effects of sarcopenia, or muscle wasting, at bay.

Two – Increased Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a somewhat misunderstood yet very important male hormone.  Testosterone is required for building muscle mass as well as for a healthy functioning libido.  Lifting heavy weights using full-body compound exercises has been shown to increase endogenous testosterone levels, elevates levels of testosterone increase libido, muscle mass, and general feeling of wellbeing.  

Three – Increased Bone Mineral Density

Though osteoporosis is known for affecting primarily women, it—as well as osteopenia—can have harmful effects on a man too.  Increasing bone mineral density through heavy strength training can prevent the onset of osteoporosis.  Once again, heavy, full-body compound exercises provide the most benefit with respect to bone mineral density, but other methods of resistance training have been shown to elicit positive effects.

Four Benefits for the Heart

Usually when people speak of doing their “cardio” they aren’t thinking of pumping iron.  The misconception that the only way to positively affect heart health is through “cardio” activities such as jogging or cycling persists in spite of the mountain of evidence to the contrary.  While performing traditional cardiovascular exercise will strengthen the heart muscle’s endurance capacity, it lacks cardio protective benefits provided by lifting heavy weights.  One of these additional benefits is an increase in the strength of the heart which, in turn, increases stroke volume or the amount of blood ejected by the heart with each beat.  Having a stronger heart with increased stroke volume makes the heart more resistant to heart attacks.

Five – Lower Body Fat

Actively lifting heavy weights burns calories.  Lifting heavy weights for a long enough period of time produces an “afterburn effect” of prolonged calorie burning.  Lifting heavy weights over a long period of time increases muscle mass.  All of these factors combined lead to a lowering of your body fat level.  It’s a beautiful process—you lift heavy weights to build up muscle underneath while simultaneously removing the excess fat that was covering them so that you can show them off!



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  • admin says:

    Hi Piero, thanks for commenting, workout frequency is a personal decision and everyone is different, if you’re taking two rest days a week that’s plenty for a 50 year old. How does cardio fit into your workout goals? If you’re doing it for cardio-vascular health that’s great, if you’re doing it to burn calories you’re probably wasting your time. Indoor cardio can indeed get boring, try mixing it up by running/walking/biking outdoors as weather permits or do a one-hour class that get your heart rate up.

    Also, make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours sleep every night and managing your diet properly so your body has the best shot possible at recovering in between workouts. Be sure to get an annual checkup that includes blood work showing your testosterone levels, this is definitely something to watch post-50. As long as you don’t have any major pains, especially in your joints, you can continue lifting your ass off and having a blast with it.

    Please share any additional thoughts, best wishes Piero! Best, John

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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