Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Debut of the Over-50 Fitness Column

The Over 50 Fitness Column

by: Troy Mork 

men over 50 lose weight

Author Troy Mork won’t let you kid yourself about weight loss.

I don’t have statistical proof (statistics – like a bikini, are revealing, but hide the essentials), but I’d say 99% of us over the age of 50 have a higher body fat percentage than we did in our teens and twenties. If you are inthe lucky 1% who have a magical metabolism or are motivated enough to keep your body fat in check, excellent for you! And if you are also in the 1% that the 99% are protesting about down at Wall Street….why are you even reading a fitness column? Don’t you have some default credit swaps you need to be betting against?

The fact is that for every decade over 30 your metabolism slows down 10%. Through the natural aging process our body produces less testosterone and if we don’t lifts weights to force our body to preserve muscle tissue we lose muscle mass. Less muscle mass = lowered metabolism. If we have a lower metabolism then our body does not burn the same amount of calories it once did with a normal amount of muscle tissue. Lower metabolism and no change in diet means we gain body fat because of our body’s inability to keep up: and the downward spiral continues…over and over and over.

Less muscle, less hormones, less metabolism, more body fat.Author Troy Monk won’t let you kid yourself about weight loss.

Down..down…down…d  o  w  n… until you look like Mr. French from Family Affair. Author Troy Monk won’t let you kid yourself about weight loss.

“Duh” you say?

Well did you also know that for every $10,000 you make over $50,000 annually you can tack on a few more body fat percentage points? Why you say?  Because your lifestyle gives you access

to food and activities to negate your dieting efforts and takes away from your available training time.

Need some examples?

Wasn’t that you snatching up all that San Joaquin Gold Cheese (remember when “gold” described marijuana?) at the wine tasting this weekend? Wasn’t that you snarfing down those churros while watching the Cubs game from the skybox? How many beers did you quaff at the Roger Waters’ The Wall concert the other night? How many satay skewers were you eating at the vintage auto concourse de elegance? Wasn’t that you scooping up handfuls of sushi rolls when the waitress walked by at the Broadcast Hall of Fame VIP opening party?

How much prosciutto did you nick from the charcuterie plate at the Top Chef Viewing Party the other night? Wasn’t that you shoveling down guacamole in the club house after playing 18 holes this weekend? How many free tapas did you snag at the Grey Goose World Beach Polo event? How was that Bacon & BBQ sauce pizza that you shared with the board members after the homeowners’ association meeting? The Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits at the guy’s billiard night when the ladies book club was talking about that mommy porn book 50 Shades of Grey?  How many ounces were those marbled Kobie/Waygyu beef steaks that you threw on your new Lynx Professional Grill the other night?

Get the picture?

That’s why we at “The Over 50 Fitness Column aka Get In Shape You!” are here. We understand the struggles of “over 50” people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but need a little help. We’ll be giving you tips and examples in a way that hopefully, you’ll find entertaining and informative.

So stayed tuned. Coming up: “Cardio: The other waste of time..”


Troy Mork is a Professional Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach in Chicago, IL 

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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