Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Choosing a Personal Trainer for Men Over 50

For men over 50 looking to discover a fitness lifestyle, the right personal trainer can mean success or failure, learn these 5 key attributes!

Personal Trainer for Men Over 50

Finding the best personal trainer ensures men over 50 hit their fitness goals.

If you’re a man over 50 looking to jump-start a fitness regimen that includes losing weight and gaining muscle, your best first move is hiring a personal trainer.  However, especially for someone fairly new to working out, it’s important to know all personal trainers are not created equal.

The fitness industry produces thousands of new personal trainers each year, many of which lack critical skills required to excel in the profession. Don’t just accept the first trainer you come across.  Finding the very best personal trainer for you will require some work, but looking for these 5 key attributes will make your work easier.

1) Communication

By far the most important personal training skill is communication.  Top personal trainers listen closely to their clients and obtain a keen understanding of what the client wants to achieve and why that achievement is important to them.  Likewise, the best personal trainers excel in communicating to their clients what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and why it needs to be done.

2) Progression

A good personal trainer understands and practices the concept of exercise progression.  Especially when starting out, a key component of a masters-level fitness program involves starting slowly and properly building foundational strength.  This primarily involves developing core muscles, hip and gluteal muscles, and overall conditioning of connective tissues throughout the body.

A progressive approach reduces the chance of injury, helps increase overall kinetic functionality, and lays the groundwork for more advanced strength and muscle building exercises.

3) Proper Form

A workout regimen targeting muscle strength development is more technical than you might imagine, and good personal trainers will show you the correct form and instill discipline in you that the exercise are done right for the following two reasons:

1)      Injury prevention.  Performing exercises incorrectly can lead to all sorts of problems, including muscle tear, tendonitis, limited range of motion, and strength imbalances.

2)      Maximizing muscle development.  Some exercises target a single muscle in isolation, others target entire muscle groups.  Doing the exercise correctly ensures that your muscles get worked and developed as the exercise was intended to do.

4) Diet and Nutrition Expertise

You must know this: great bodies are made in the kitchen.  As with most workout programs, your goals will revolve around body fat loss and muscle gains.  You simply cannot achieve these goals without having diet and nutrition dialed.

A good personal trainer doesn’t have to be a nutritionist, but does need expertise in helping you layout the proper diet plan for your goals.  This includes a plan for you daily calorie intake and a plan for your macro-nutrient groups of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

5) Positive Results Track Record

The very best personal trainers hold both you and themselves accountable for the bottom line: your goal achievement.  Look for and find a personal trainer with a reputation for getting their clients to where they want to be.  Goal achievement is more art than science, and includes combinations of tough love, constant accountability, motivation, and knowledgeable guidance.

In the end, fitness program success is up to you, however studies show that an exceptional personal trainer increases the odds of goal achievement dramatically .  By doing some homework, hiring a personal trainer can be the best money you will ever spend.

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Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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