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Obesity in Men Over 50 – Slow Suicide?

The facts prove out that overweight men over 50 lead a shorter life

Men Over 50 Lose Abdominal Fat

Men Over 50 Need to Lose Abdominal Fat

If you are over 50 and overweight, you are more likely to develop health problems leading to premature death.

Although obesity in senior men creates broad, negative impacts on health and happiness, some specific  effects from senior obesity include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.


Obese men over 50 experience a greater risk of coronary heart disease. The mechanisms responsible for weight-related increase in blood pressure are still unclear.

One possible link between weight gain and hypertension is the acquired insulin-resistance in obese men. Insulin has been shown in multiple studies to have acute effects on the nervous system, on kidney function, and on the cardiovascular system that could lead to hypertension.


Excess weight puts a strain on the entire circulatory system and makes people more susceptible to high cholesterol,  high blood pressure and diabetes – all of which can increase risk for stroke. A new study by Columbia researchers indicates those with abdominal obesity are at higher risk of stroke caused by blockage or constriction of a blood vessel in the brain.


According to the Center for Disease Control, men over 50 are eating themselves into a Continue reading

5 Weight Loss Strategies for Senior Men

If you’re a man over 50, know these five ways to change your appearance

5 steps for weight loss in senior men

Senior athletes get weight loss results from keeping it simple

Okay, so you’ve tried a lot of different diet approaches to achieve that weight loss you’ve been wanting.

And so far nothing’s worked.

While changing your appearance through shedding body fat can be challenging enough, it’s also important to know that senior men over 50 have special requirements for effective weight loss.

If you can focus on just these five keys for senior athlete weight loss, your chances for successfully hitting your appearance goals go way up.  In fact, you can look the absolute best in your lifetime – it’s entirely possible!

1)      Have a goal that burns inside of you

Having great passion for a weight-loss goal is your most important asset, period.  Goals are where motivation comes from, and without motivation, goals usually don’t happen.  First, just like in business, personal goals need to follow the SMART rules, that is, goals must be: Continue reading

Preventing Osteoarthritis in Men Over 50

Over 50? Take action now to limit your osteoarthritis risk

Osteoarthritis in Men Over 50

Osteoarthritis in Men Over 50 can be limited through weight loss and muscle gain

If you’re a man over age 50, your odds of getting Osteoarthritis are going up.  In fact, research shows that by age 60, most men will have some form of this degenerative joint disease.

Osteoarthritis simply explained is a deterioration of the soft cartilage material lining our joints.  The cartilage breaks down, leaving rougher, uneven surfaces where the joint grinds instead of slides.  At worst, the cartilage can wear away entirely, leaving direct bone-on-bone contact.

Osteoarthritis normally shows up in the following joints:

  1. Hips
  2. Knees
  3. Spine
  4. Shoulders

While osteoarthritis causes are subject to much discussion, two main factors seem universal: Continue reading

Weight Loss After 50: 8 Core Beliefs

Men over 50 Need New Beliefs About Food and Weight Loss  

By: Amber Alexander

Men over 50 weight loss habits

For men over 50, what you buy is what you become

One of the most powerful strategies for ending emotional eating or any other undesirable eating habit is one that few men over 50 consider:

Examine your beliefs about food and what food means to you and, if necessary, change them.

Change does not mean you have to have superhuman willpower, it is what you do when a behavior violates your strongest beliefs. Strong beliefs=no temptation. To create a new belief system for your behavior, change the metaphors you use to describe your body and the food you eat.

If you believe your body was a temple or a divine gift, would you desecrate it by poisoning it with junk food? What if you said your body was like a high-performance sports car? Would you fuel it any differently?

 Core beliefs lean men over 50 have about food: Continue reading

Successful Weight Loss in Seniors Athletes

For men over 50, weight loss is about sticking to the nutrition basics

by: Daniel Bottering

senior men lose weight through proper diet

Eating less crap and more food is one way for senior men to lose weight


If you have ever engaged in any weight-loss program either on your own or via some sort of help form a fitness instructor or a weight loss program, you may have felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. The improvements are very satisfying. So why don’t you get your wow back, shed some pounds and get your confidence back.

It is indeed true that the weight-loss industry is flooded at the moment with supplements that fail to work, exercise programs and video  that are only there to make money, seemingly low-fat diets which don’t do what they claimas well as weight-loss programs that are just money-making scams.

In the midst of all this, if you are focussed and concentrated on the basics, you should be able to get your body mass down by a greater percentage by focussing on the things that we disregard and never take advantage of.

It is true most people fail at dieting to lose weight; calorie counting, exercising and even having a positive mindse . However, these are the same ideals that have worked for most people in the past. For those that struggle, it is important to note that weight gained over a number of years will not automatically get shed after a a short time, so it is important the mind-set is right from the onset.

An extremely positive attitude will obviously result in extremely quicker results. Keeping a positive mind set and having a “can do” mentality will always ensure that you’re on the winning side. Being distracted is quite easy. Looking at people leaner than you, getting involved in negative conversations and not believing in yourself and your capabilities can go a long way to affect your mentality. Already you must remember you are over 50 so the likelihood to be discouraged by your peers, family and friends will be greater.

Once you have your mind set in place you diet has to be managed with discipline. After all, we are Continue reading

Weight Loss Basics for Senior Men

For men over 50, knowing specifics about weight loss leads to goal success.

by: Mike Wangi

weight loss over 50

Men over 50 can easily get an incredible physique through weight loss

Men above fifty can be as fit as they were in the thirties. Studies have shown that you can be in better physical and mental shape into your fifties than you were in your thirties. This though requires a commitment to healthy living.

Weight loss has been shown to reduce your cardiovascular risk while keeping your blood pressure within the normal ranges and warding off diabetes and stroke while improving your bone density and your body strength. The American Heart Association recommends that all men should stay within the normal ranges of weight for age. If you are out of the recommended range,s you need to find effective weigh- loss program.

At the age of 50, some men might have conditions such as diabetes and hypertension among others. For these men a physician should be consulted before embarking on a weight loss program as the wrong program might increase your health risk.

For those who do not have any medical condition, there are pointers to a good weight-loss program. An effective and healthy weight-loss program has to combine both exercise and nutrition. One compliments the other.

The most important consideration is the amount of weight loss intended and the duration within which these target goals will be achieved. This is what determines the intensity of the physical exertion attempted. The American Heart Association recommends that weight-loss targets should be set at 1 to 2 lbs every week. Attempting to lose weight too fast can be more detrimental than helpful and sometimes you might get rebound weight gain. Any program that promises excessive weight loss should be avoided.

A weight loss program should aim for long-term goals over short-term goals. It’s extremely vital to have one that will keep your weight in check for a longer period of time, taking into account all the variables. It is recommended that you increase your energy expenditure the more you exercise because your basal metabolic rate goes down and you expend less energy as you become fitter.

Weight loss programs have to include long-term sustainable goals as most people who lose weight over the shorter end up gaining it within 5 years. Short-term goals, though, are also important as they help Continue reading

6 Foods That Help Senior Athletes Burn Fat

by: Sharon L

foods that burn fat

Selecting and preparing the right foods is part of a proper weight-loss program

As we have explained in previous articles, a good diet is a key factor on getting and keeping a fit body.  In fact, nutritionists and trainers will even tell you that diet accounts for 70% when it comes to burning fat, while proper exercising will do  for the other 30%.

Balancing the kind of food in your meals and keeping adequate portions are a must in a healthy diet.   And this becomes even more important once people start to grow older, as your metabolism begins to slow down, and it starts to become harder to lose weight.

But while committing to making this kind of diet a part of your daily life, there are also other keys that will help you when it comes to getting a fitter body.

Provided that you follow a regular diet, drink plenty of water to help your body remove waste, eat carbohydrates and non-fatty protein, there are some types of food that will help you burn fat.

These are our top 6 fat burner foods for senior athletes:

GREEN TEA: It increases your fat burning rate by inducing thermogenesis, a procedure by which your body increases heat by burning fuels such as fat.  At the same time, it promotes a slower release of carbohydrates, preventing sharp increases in blood-insulin levels, which leads to fat burning as well.  It also has other amazing health-related properties, such as decreasing risk of heart diseases, lowering LDL cholesterol, preventing cancer and slowing or stopping certain neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

CAYENNE PEPPER: It is the best spice for burning fat. Cayenne pepper also creates a natural thermogenic boost, and this helps burning fat.  It enhances as well the control over the body’s cholesterol levels.  Furthermore, pepper makes you sweat and increases your heart rate, thus accelerating your metabolism and burning fat.

Just be sure not to eat the pepper by itself, but accompany it with non-fatty protein or as an Continue reading

Weight Loss Challenges for Masters Athletes

by: Sharon L

Lose Weight as a Masters Athlete

Follow this simple formula to lose 1 pound of bodyfat per week!

Twenty years ago, losing weight just happened.  Either you were actively working out or your life conditions momentarily changed, suddenly you looked at the mirror and your body looked differently.  Slimmer.  And fit.

Today, for health or aesthetic reasons, you try to achieve the same.  It hasn´t been working the same magical way for a few years now.  So you try to eat less.  You go jogging.  But this time it doesn´t seem to give you the same results.

Why can a younger person lose weight more easily?  It´s not that older bodies cannot look like younger ones anymore.  It´s just a matter of metabolism.

When it comes to metabolism, fat gets burned faster and easier than muscle mass, so your body burns fewer calories to accomplish it.  As you age, the proportion between your muscles and fat change and you start to accumulate more fat in your body, so you don´t have proportionally as much muscle mass  as you used to.  That is to say, you now burn less calories than before just because of the way your body is now composed.

So is that it?  No way.  The challenge is to change the way in which fat and muscle mass interplay.  Thus, you have to change their proportions, so that fat doesn’t account for as much as it does now when compared to lean muscle.

And how to do that?  By engaging in Continue reading

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load: Know the Difference to Manage Masters Weight Loss!

Turn Heads With Those Masters Abs Through Good Diet Management

Much of dieting focus recently has been placed on the glycemic index. While understanding and managing the glycemic index is important, it’s equally important to go one step further and understand glycemic load. The glycemic load is a relatively new way to measure the impact of food to blood glucose levels. Simply put, glycemic index represents glucose conversion speed, while glycemic load represents the amount of glucose created.

So What’s the Glycemic Index?

The glycemic index is the relative degree to which blood sugar increases after the consumption of food, that is, relative to the effect of pure sugar. High glycemic index foods can raise blood glucose levels very quickly, as well as insulin levels. In contrast, low glycemic index foods don’t significantly raise blood glucose levels and insulin levels after eating. Pure glucose is given a value of 100 while other foods are given an index number representing its relative effect on blood glucose levels.

For example, Continue reading

For Masters It’s the Diet Stupid!

Want to be in Shape AND Lose Weight? For Masters, IT”S THE DIET!

Hey masters athlete, looking to lose body fat? If you’re counting on relatively low-intensity cardio to get it done you may be counting wrong. While cardio provides many benefits, too many people see cardio as an end-all for body fat loss. To be sure, cardio can create an environment where body fat is burned and also can contribute to creating the all-important calorie deficit required for body fat loss. However, many people fall short of their fat-loss goals by making incorrect assumptions about using cardio, especially assumptions about a cardio-only approach.

Important to note we’re talking about mainstream, or low-intensity cardio – the people who trudge away on treadmills at a slow jog for long time periods. High-intensity cardio like going all out for ten sets of 30 seconds isn’t suitable for the general population due to conditioning, injury risk and that it’s hard and most people just won’t stick with it.

Cardio is a great thing; it pumps tons of oxygenated blood through the body, hastens delivery of nutrients to muscles and organs, develops a strong heart and strong lungs, and, at times, can give us a wonderfully euphoric shot of endorphins.  Additionally, cardio requires the body to burn calories, a good thing for fat loss. But here’s where some people get badly off track.
Cardio only burns so many calories.  Running a mile at moderate pace burns about 125 calories. That’s it folks. So a 30 minute treadmill session will burn roughly 375 calories, maybe 400 by throwing in some post-run residual effect. That in itself is fine. But the bigger problem is how some people will substitute cardio for diet discipline. A 375 calorie cardio burn can be blown just by picking the wrong salad dressing. I hear people talk all the time about getting in their cardio, but when asked how the diet is going they don’t have a clue.

The key to weight loss is diet, period. Sure, show on paper the math that proves the impact of cardio, but we’re talking real world here. Truth is, far too many people head out for their daily cardio thinking they’ve got it covered, then act puzzled and make excuses when the body fat levels don’t change. Typical responses from people are “I’m watching what I eat” or “I’ve been pretty good on my diet”, when in fact they really have no idea how many calories they’ve downed in the last week. It’s the diet stupid!

It all starts with knowing your daily caloric needs, then ensuring that number isn’t exceeded for maintenance or that a calorie deficit occurs for weight loss. Simple right? Not if you don’t know the numbers, and most people in pursuit of “weight loss” don’t know the numbers. That’s why techniques such as diet journaling become critical, people seeking to lose wight absolutely must be able to know, recite, and manager their caloric intake.

Cardio is a great thing. I personally can’t even recount the endless miles I’ve run or cycled in all conceivable settings around the world. Cardio can provide a pleasurable and important dimension to our physicality and to our psyche, and can definitely contribute to weight loss as part of a comprehensive plan. But never let anyone confuse cardio as a stand-alone means to masters weight loss and a great looking body, only intense diet discipline will achieve that.

Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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