Men Over 50 Gain Muscle and Lose Weight


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Fitness Over 50 Starts With Core Strength

Forget big biceps, even forget trying to get a ‘six-pack”, if you’re over 50 and are seeking true strength, it all starts with your core.

Core Muscles in Men Over 50

Men over 50 must have a strong core

Too many men over 50 view fitness in the wrong light.  Sure, a muscled and toned body looks great on the beach, and for sure that’s something motivating to set goals on.  However, for achieving fitness from a functional strength standpoint, nothing exceeds core strength in importance.

What is the core?  May mistakenly think of the core as just the front abdominals.  In fact, the core is quite expansive, including many muscles and muscle groups.  Basically, think of your core as all muscles from roughly the bottom of your rib cage down to about halfway down your hips, surrounding the full 360 degrees of your mid-section.

Core strength is important for several reasons.

First, your core provides the base of all physical movement.  I love the tree analogy; what’s the strongest part of a tree, the limbs or the trunk?  What would happen to the tree if its limbs were thick, heavy and strong, but its trunk was spindly and weak?

Think of people with back problems and you get the right idea.  But, more importantly, all functional movement is initiated by and supported by the core.  The stronger your core, the stronger your functional movements.

Second, a strong core protects your spine, including the Continue reading

Ten Habits for Masters Fitness

Established masters athlete and author Bill Pritchett shares his philosophies on healthy living for men over 50 with these important 10 habits.

By: Bill Pritchett

There’s an old Hindu proverb that says, “For the first thirty years of your life, you make your habits  For the last thirty years of your life, your habits make you.”  While I don’t like the

Over 50 Athlete Bill Pritchett in shape for sports

Over 50 athlete Bill Pritchett practices what he preaches

implication that our lifespan is limited to sixty years, I completely agree with the idea behind this saying.  We truly are the product of our habits, whether they’re healthy ones or not, and for masters athletes, the second half our life can be dictated by the habits we formed earlier.  When I read this proverb, it made me think of some of the healthy habits I have tried to develop over roughly the past twenty-five years, as I’ve sought to live a healthy lifestyle:

Habit #1: Drink a lot of water.  Then drink some more.  About 57% of your body is water, so you obviously need a lot of it to be healthy.  Be sure to drink a glass every morning immediately after you wake up.  You wouldn’t go 7 or 8 hours during the day without drinking water, would you?  When you wake up, you’ve gone that long without it, so be sure to drink water before you have coffee, tea, or juice.  During the day, keep a glass on your desk or wherever you work so that you can stay hydrated throughout the day.  To know how much to drink after exercising, weigh yourself unclothed before and after Continue reading

Men Over 50: Make 2013 Your Year For Fitness

Only one in ten men over 50 will stick with their 2013 fitness goals.  At, we’re your allies for success.

Fit at 50

men over 50 can get into the best shape of their lives

Another year, another resolution to lose weight and to get into shape.  Like many men over 50, you may be contemplating getting into the gym and changing up your diet.  And you’re likely to fail and give up within 30 days.

Your problem isn’t lack of desire, it’s lack of skills.

In addition to desire, you also need to know what to do and how to do it.  Without this knowledge you’ll end up like a boat drifting without a rudder, and you will become frustrated when you realize you don’t know where you’re going, much less how to get there.

At, we’re here to change that for you. provides you with all of the information you need to:

1)      Set meaningful, achievable goals

2)      Create workouts to get you in the best shape possible

3)      Change your diet so you’re eating the right things in the right amounts at the right times

4)      Stay motivated so that you not only hit your goals, but you also transform your life forever

Too many men believe the cultural stigma that after age 50 they’re “over the hill”.  Don’t buy into it because it’s total crap.

In fact, not only can you get into great shape, it’s entirely possible to be in the best shape of your life – after age 50!

Here are just a few ways can help you get started on your way to perfect health in 2013:

1)      Search our information base to access hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts, all specifically created for men over 50.

2)      Get our free, 7-part report on the basics behind how men over 50 can get in the best shape of their lives.

3)      Get our all-inclusive book, BestFit50, with absolutely everything you need to know about getting into the very best shape of your life after age 50.

The choice is yours, you can either struggle blindly through another failed attempt at losing weight getting in shape, or you can create a plan and gain all of the tools you need to achieve incredible fitness levels that will amaze you and everyone around you.

At, we’ll be here for you to help you lead a healthier, happier life!

Core Fitness for Men over 50

If you’re over 50 years old, you absolutely must have a strong core, here’s why.

Most people have heard about the importance of “core strength”.  But notions of a fitness routine bring thoughts of upper body  strength, including adding muscle to the chest, upper back, biceps and triceps.  While targeting upper body strength and size seems like traditional gym work and agreeably has the highest sex appeal, but for men over 50, your core is absolutely the most important body part to develop.

What is the core?

Core muscles make up the 360-degree  area wrapping around your entire torso and hip regions.  In the front, the core muscles begin just below your  chest and run down to your pelvis.  In the

Core Strength in Men over 50

Men over 50 must have core strength

back, the core muscles begin about mid-back and run down to your upper legs.

Many people incorrectly think of the core as just “abs” associated with the famed “six pack” look.  While the main abdominals to compose an important part of the core group, thoughts of core strength must be expanded to include the entire torso region.

Additionally, many don’t realize that hips are indeed part of the core, and that abdominal and back muscles reach down to the hips, while hip muscles (including the gluteals, or “butt” muscles) reach up into the torso, with the two groups Continue reading

5 Keys to Living with Osteoarthritis After 50

Enjoying an active lifestyle with osteoarthritis can continue well after age 50 with these 5 simple keys.

Living with Osteoarthritis after 50

Men over 50 can lead active lives with osteoarthritis

If you’re a man over age 50, your odds or getting osteoarthritis begin rising significantly.  In fact, if you’ve noticed pain, aching, or soreness in your knees, shoulders, or hips, chances are good that you’re getting early warning signs of this degenerative disease’s onset.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints.  Osteoarthritis, sometimes known as “wear and tear” arthritis, is most common of all arthritis types, and is a breakdown of cartilage in joints, occurring in almost any joint. Osteoarthritis commonly occurs in weight bearing joints, including hips, knees, and spine, and can affect other joints if previous injury or excessive stress is involved.

Cartilage’s main function is friction reduction and shock absorption in joints and serves as a shock absorber.  With osteoarthritis, joint cartilage becomes stiff and loses elasticity, making it more susceptible to damage, and over time the cartilage wears away,  decreasing its cushioning ability. In advanced stages, the bones could rub against each other.

Living with Osteoarthritis

Although you should always consult with your doctor, keeping arthritic joints active as part of a healthy lifestyle is your best bet for Continue reading

Sex over 50: Fitness Matters

For men over 50, nothing enhances sexual performance more than fitness.  Practice these four key areas and bring your sex life to new levels.

sex over 50

sex over 50 improves with fitness and healthy living

Sadly, many men find sex over 50 to be a state of declining sexual performance.  And it is sad, simply because it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, men over 50 can enjoy sex as much or even more than they ever have in their lives.

Here are four simple but important areas that will bring sex springing back in senior men:

1) Lift weights with intensity

One factor in declining sexuality in men over 50 is a reduction of the male sex hormone testosterone.  Numerous studies by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows significant elevations (25%) above baseline concentrations for both total testosterone and for free testosterone after heavy resistance exercise in men over 50.

Importantly, these results show that hormone response to strength exercise depends mostly on the intensity of the exercises and the total amount of muscles recruited by the exercise. This indicates that compound exercises done with a heavier weight and lower reps (6-8) increases the production of testosterone, the hormone behind men’s sex drive.

2) Practice high-intensity cardio training (HIT)

Spending long time periods on the treadmill at a slow pace is fine, but you’ll need to kick it up a notch to improve your sex life.  The International SportMed Journal published several studies showing high-intensity exercise can drive increased Continue reading

Choosing a Personal Trainer for Men Over 50

For men over 50 looking to discover a fitness lifestyle, the right personal trainer can mean success or failure, learn these 5 key attributes!

Personal Trainer for Men Over 50

Finding the best personal trainer ensures men over 50 hit their fitness goals.

If you’re a man over 50 looking to jump-start a fitness regimen that includes losing weight and gaining muscle, your best first move is hiring a personal trainer.  However, especially for someone fairly new to working out, it’s important to know all personal trainers are not created equal.

The fitness industry produces thousands of new personal trainers each year, many of which lack critical skills required to excel in the profession. Don’t just accept the first trainer you come across.  Finding the very best personal trainer for you will require some work, but looking for these 5 key attributes will make your work easier.

1) Communication

By far the most important personal training skill is communication.  Top personal trainers listen closely to their clients and obtain a keen understanding of what the client wants to achieve and why that achievement is important to them.  Likewise, the best personal trainers excel in communicating to their clients what needs Continue reading

Part 3 – Over 50? Get in the Gym

In this three-part series, looks at the key fundamentals for men over 50 getting started on life-changing health and fitness habits.

Part 1 – Men over 50 Need Fitness Goals

Part 2 – Diet For Men Over 50

Now that you’ve established your fitness goals, have motivation to achieve your goals, and have your diet in order, it’s time to start building muscle.  However, if you haven’t  been in the gym

Men Over 50 Need Fitness Goals

Men Over 50 Need Fitness Goals

for a while or maybe have never even been in a gym, you’ll want to start slowly.

While our muscles have good circulation for healing by eliminating waste and providing nutrients, our connective tissues, the tendons hooking the muscle into bone, don’t do this as well.  One primary concern is bringing the tendons along slowly to avoid injury or chronic inflammation.

If you’re out of shape and don’t know what you’re doing, you can get injured in more ways than this article can list.  Always start by warming up, walk on the treadmill, use the elliptical, or maybe the stationary bike for 10 minutes.  Then warm up your core with three sets of 20 abdominal crunches.

When starting out, always use low weights and high repetitions, just enough weight so that 15 reps is challenging but not impossible.  As you progress over the weeks you can begin to work in heavier weights with few repititions, you’ll  know when you’re ready.

First, you need to join a gym.  Sure, you can get some equipment and set up a home gym, but your odds of success are much higher with the support of a members gym.  In fact, research shows that people who work out at a gym are up t0 30% more likely to stick with their program, largely because of the social support structure that goes along with Continue reading

Getting Started Part 2 – Diet For Men Over 50

In this three-part series, looks at the key fundamentals for men over 50 getting started on life-changing health and fitness habits.

Part 2 – Diet For Men Over 50

Part 1 – Men over 50 Need Fitness Goals

After goal setting, your first and possibly most important step in getting fit is the diet.  An old adage in the fitness industry is that great bodies are made in the kitchen.  Remember that.  You

seniors diet

Men over 50 need a focus on diet management

can labor for hours, days, and months in the gym, but if you don’t have the diet right you will never look and feel your best.

Getting on the right kind of diet has two basic components:  1) eating the right things, and 2) eating the right amounts of the right things.  These two aspects of healthy eating are really inseparable, you will need to do both as the former has to do with giving your body what it needs and the latter has to do with calorie control.

Eating the Right Things

You’ve got to get this one right, period.  It all starts at the grocery store and your shopping habits, because if you bring only the right foods into your home then you’re much more likely to eat the right things.

Eating the right things stats with a macronutrient view, that is balancing the three main categories of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Protein should come from meats, which can include lean beef, pork, chicken, and fish.  Don’t be too concerned about what kind of meat you have (with the exception of ground beef), believe it or not fat’s not as bad as you might think.

Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are much trickier.  You’ll need to understand the glycemic index, which basically indicates a quickly our bodies break carbohydrates into glucose.  Highly glycemic carbs do some crazy things to the body, most of them not good.  Therefore, you’ll want to focus your diet on low-glycemic carbs, mostly from vegetables.

Last comes fat, and our understand of the role fats play has been evolving pretty rapidly over the past decade.  Basically, we have two main fat categories, omega 3 and omega 6.  While both types help our bodies operate in important ways, omega 3 acts as an Continue reading

Men Over 50 Need Fitness Goals

In this three-part series, looks at the key fundamentals for men over 50 getting started on life-changing health and fitness habits.

Part 1 – Men over 50 Need Fitness Goals

If you’re a man over 50 wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, and generally get toned and fit, you need a starting point.  As with most journeys, the first step can often be the hardest part.

Get in shape after 50

Get started now, it’s never too late.

If you’ve been out of shape for a while or if you’ve never really ever been in shape, the task my seem overwhelming.  So the best approach in situations like this is breaking the task down into smaller components that become achievable tasks with tangency to the question “what do I need to actually do every day”.

Establish a Goal

The old management phrase “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” applies here to fitness goals for senior men.  It’s simply not enough to say “I want to lose weight and get into shape”.

What does that really mean?

First, senior men need to identify what’s important to them from a fitness standpoint.  Goals must be personal because motivation comes from a desire to achieve passionate goals.

Do you want to become stronger for a sport or for a hobby?  Do you want to like what you see in the Continue reading

Men Over 50 Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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