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Bodybuilder Mark Lee Finds Best Fitness After 50

Dad Over 50 Competes in Bodybuilding with Son

In the 80’s I owned a hardcore gym and I never competed…. then it was more about strength. I never paid much attention to my nutrition…hell ..It was all about getting big and strong….the

Mark Lee Senior Bodybuilder

Mark Lee achieved the best shape of his life after age 50

more calories I ate the better!!! (I have to admit, eating anything and everything was AWESOME!!! Lol)

After about 6 years I closed the gym and moved on in a new direction. A couple of businesses and three kids later my priorities changes….I really didn’t have time to work-out (I hadn’t lost the love for working-out… I just couldn’t be consistent or find the time) Now my pizza restaurant is very established and pretty much operates its self.

My oldest son Austin was a three letter athlete in high school and he became interested in working-out. I now had the time and knew quite a bit about weight training so I started to help him….I was 49 at the time!!!

OMG I didn’t realize how much I missed the pump and the feeling you got training and how much better I felt. I became a total sponge about nutritional information and made it my goal to be in the best shape of my life on my 50th birthday!!!! Mission accomplished!!!

After reaching my 50th birthday goal my love for weight training became stronger.  My son continued to push himself to the point that he was contest ready and he suggested that we both enter the NPC 2012 Mr. Natural Indiana.  How cool is that, being in a bodybuilding contest with your son?

So we both entered the contest and I competed in the men’s open welterweight class in the NPC Natural Indiana and finished 2nd out of 7 entries in my weight class! Most of the men in my weight class were half my age!!! My son was in the physique division and finish 7th out of 15.

Here’s how I did it:

1)      Training

I did a push pull routine, Sunday and Wednesday working my Chest, shoulders, triceps, calf’s, and upper abs. Tuesday and Friday I worked my Thighs, Hammies, Back, Biceps and lower abs.

Mixing up rep counts, doing supersets, drop sets, rest pause. Trying to keep my muscles confused and always pushing them to the limit. The last four weeks I added cardio three times a week about an hour long each

2)      Supplements:

I drink a whey protein shake every morning with breakfast. Watermelon AminoX (Great work-out drink) I would drink while working out…I love the watermelon! Hyper FX (a super clean pre-work-out) would take pre-work-out; the fruit punch tastes great.

Also I used CLA, fish oil and L-Carnitine with my main meals and before cardio. A hydro whey shake, right after work-out and Casein Protein at night right before bed.

3)      Diet:

My diet was fairly strict and well thought out.  I would say the key for me was my macro timing as much as anything and supplementing with CLA, Fish oil and L-Carnitine at my three main meals and before cardio. I think being able to do my weight training in the morning helped too, this allowed me to eat the majority of my carbs in the morning and have plenty of energy to work-out.

I started every day with oatmeal and egg whites with salsa and a Whey protein shake, and then headed to the gym.

My weight training is on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

While training for 2.5-3 hours I would drink a hydro whey shake with Vitargo midway through my work-out and as I was walking out the gym door. I would be heading to my largest meal of the day! This meal consists of high protein and complex carbs.

I will also eat every three hours the rest of the day, mainly eating protein …good fats…Fiber One cottage cheese (good stuff) green veggies (a lot of fresh spinach) after subtracting fiber my net carbs were very low after my workout meal.

Friday and Sunday I would increase my carbs ….all complex (Friday’s carb total would be about 120, Sunday’s about 200…lowering my good fats to make up for the increased carb calorie intake.  (Ok, I will admit it; Sunday I probably would have on average of 600-700 more calories! Kind of my blow-out day! ) I always finish my day with a casein protein shake!

Basically this diet is my version of carb cycling. I was trying to preserve my muscle while releasing stubborn fat!!! On my off days I would pretty much just eat carbs at breakfast and just secondary carbs that I would get from green veggies and cottage cheese the rest of the day!

I had never been much for cardio, but the last four weeks before the contest I would was doing cardio (HIIT) three nights a week at about 6pm for about an hour. This is where it felt like the fat would fall off!! I would take 1gram of L-Carnitine and CLA (both help body transport fat to burn as energy… and without the carbs, you need it!) I can’t say I ever really counted carbs or calories…but I was always aware of them at every meal! I was trying to lose 1-1.5 pounds a week … and it worked for me!

After my first contest I evaluated my weak points and have been fairly successful of improving it those areas. My son Austin and I are planning on competing 2013 Mr. Natural Indiana. Last time it was just for the experience…this time we are in it to win it!!!

One of the great things about getting into shape and improving your diet is the effect it has on so many people around you. My wife Chris is in excellent shape and works out four days a week (she will be 50 next year and has the body of a hottie in their 30’s). My other two children, Garrett and Madison both workout and are playing basketball in school.

I really enjoy sharing my nutritional and training knowledge with others. My goal is to keep pushing and improving my body every day. I would love to expand my career into fitness in some capacity, just not sure what direction yet.

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    Supplementation provides tons of benefits, our diets are tend to be deficient in the essentials, you will notice a difference over time. Glad you’re finding benefits, please be sure to share articles with others that you think would benefit!

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